RDP Friday: Frustration

I am not showing you one of my super mouthwatering home made pizzas. This evening it is a lazy evening and so we are all having take away pizzas, frozen from the store.

It is my new shelf on which this pizza is sitting that is my frustrating annoyance. It was something new from my online cookery company and usually they have good ideas. This time it is a baking tray with holes in it to allow the air to escape when using it and a promise of super crispy results. The crispy part is true, it really does do the job.

However as we all have different sized ovens they made it with expandable metal holders on the right and left side. You can just pull them out to fit the oven size. This would be ideal if only they would stay in the size you want them and not decide to lead their own life. It is a risky job to put it in the oven as the metal holders slip and slide and often the contents of the tray slide to the bottom of the oven, meaning a mini mess which you have to clean.

This company have a web site with all their new developments and this new super crispy bake oven tray was being shown, at least it was. They have an opportunity to make remarks on their web site and I saw that one of the ladies that bought it complained about the instability of size adjustment. Mr. Swiss said you can also write something and made a wonderful suggestion in German of course. I undersstood it very well, but writing German with all its various declinations is not my thing. Today I wanted to add my comment on the web site. I searched and searched but the advertisement for this wonder oven tray has disappeared. The company has disowned it and so it is now non-existant.

Frustration is just a small word for this, but who knows. One day my tray might have rarity value.

RDP Friday: Friustration

12 thoughts on “RDP Friday: Frustration

  1. Funny. I saw a post this morning by a Swiss friend that said, “The German language is illogical.” I agree. When I had to try to learn that weird little end word, “an” I said to myself, “this is absurd, an.” But you’ve actually learned Swiss German and all I’ve learned is how to understand announcements at train stations. 🙂

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  2. They don’t want to damage their reputation. Which in itself is wrong; if you feature rubbish you should apologize and take the blame, not making it disappear….

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  3. This is what I hate about online shopping. If you bought it over the counter you could just drop into the shop and give them some manufacturing advice and get your money back.

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