Good Morning

Sometimes it pays to wait until I make a morning photo. This morning it was grey skies everywhere, no clouds, just very monotonous. I had a quick look at the weather forecast, but no rain predicted. That will be next week it seems. So I did my early morning chores, make breakfast, made son’s bed and emptied Mr. Swiss ash trays. I know, but at the age of 80 there are just some habits that stay and he is surviving. I just ban him to the outside on the porch when he is tempted.

And now it is almost an hour later and there is a hopeful shimmer on the horizon signalling that there will be some sunshine somewhere. It is also cooler today, but bearable and I am sitting in the kitchen with the window open and do not need a jacket.

Otherwise yesterday was a restful day with no stress. I had a few errands to get at the store, but did not want to go into town, so took the easy solution and went to the new store just along the road. It was opened about two years ago and is quite useful. Their selection is good, fresh veg and meat, but they do not have a butchers section – only prepacked meat which means take what they have. I only needed cold cuts yesterday and it was not a problem. I also had to stock up on some chocolate as Mr. Swiss was complaining that I only buy my taste in chocolate.

Although we have been together for more than 50 years, there are still things that we do not share. Being soul mates would be boring in any case. We do not have the same taste in literature or films so there is always something to discuss.

As I only went as far as the next store yesterday there is not such a plethora of photos in my camera. At the moment it is the time when the various insects are seeking a nice comfortable place for Winter. Having a kitchen bordering on my porch is not so ideal, but at least I can get a few good photos. This seems to be a crane fly, although he decided to leave eventually.

And this little guy is a grasshopper sitting on my kitchen floor and wondering why. I gave him a gentle push in the right direction and he hopped off to the outside.

Of course there are the insects that belong outside and stay put, especially when there is collecting work to do on the flowers. This bee was too busy to smile for the camera, he had other things to do like gathering pollen or whatever it is they want.

I have also been quite busy in the kitchen having a tidying session. The local store has a special offer for plastic boxes which can be sealed airtight. I have bought a few and have been busy organising my food. It is moth time and the only good food moth is a dead one, so now they have no chance. I now seem to have more room in my kitchen cupboards. Mr. Swiss is not so happy as if he wants one of his many snacks, he has to find the right box and open it although they are transparent. Men can be so comfortable. Why do I not have a problem?

I am now off to take care of the rest of the morning. There is also some ironing to do from the bed linen I washed yesterday. A woman’s work is never done, but life would otherwise just be boring.

Take care, it will soon be the week-end and if possible avoid going places where everyone else goes. Our virus cases are increasing in Switzerland, although mainly in the Kanton of Waadt in the French speaking part of Switzerland, around Lausanne. Our Kanton of Solothurn has now decreased and we have 1 or 2 new cases daily.

8 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good afternoon, we are going to add a cat to our family this afternoon. Kathy and myself will head to the pet store to buy supplies. The cat is a brown/grey tabby and is an adult. Her name is Mama Mia. Have a stress free day.

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