FOWC with Fandango: Introspective

The neighbour’s cat has found a new place
Waiting for Winter when the birds are in place
He wants to be the first to have the best choice
When they flutter past he will not use his voice
Better to be quiet, do not raise suspicion
You have a job to do, you are on a mission
On the other paw, I don’t think I’ll wait
My bowl is full of food, I must contemplate
A bird in the paw is worth more than in a bush
When they arrive I will know how to push
Feline meditations bring the best results
Bird for dinner and tea, my appetite exults

FOWC with Fandango: Introspective

RDP Thursday: Footprint

I was at the store for half an hour. When I arrived home I noticed something squirming in a bowl of water I have outside for varius cats, hedgehogs and other animals that might take a walk. When I looked closer I saw that it was a rather mega sized bee.

I think it was on its last legs when I fished it out of the water and left to dry out. It is still resting on the ground and I am hoping that it will eventually fly again, but it does not look so good.

It is still outside and Mr. Swiss said it is moving. I do not think the footprints could be seen so well, but I can see two legs

RDP Thursday: Footprint

Good Morning

And another morning light breaks on a little village somewhere in Switzerland with as many cows as people, although I have not seen a cow yet. I think they do the night shift on the meadows. There are some birds chirping but they also remain unseen. When the food gets scarce they will be hopping around to see what there is to have.

I had an early start this morning, not very early, but 20 minutes earlier. It is fresh linen day on the beds. I have already put new covers on my duvet and head cushion and removed the fitted sheets. Now there is a pause whilst I have my breakfast and talk to my computer.

I went to bed with a the new update on my iPhone. This time the iPads and iPhones are really going to town with their improvements, although I am not so sure they are improvements. I started the updates just before I went to bed and found that the cyber powers can look after the rest whilst I am sleeping. At some time in the night I was awake and had a look to see how it was progressing. I was greeted in 20 different languages with hello and invited to go through the procedure of getting to know my new adaptations. Of course they have some new developments, but I do not need them. I was quite satisfied how things were. Why do we have to have these new updates which are really of no use to me. A golden oldie does not try to compete with Bill Gates, I just like to be left alone.

Having completed the attack of the iPeople I fired up my Apple computer this morning as it is my preferred computer for saying Good Morning. What did I see? Yes the computer also has a new update of course, to follow the others. I got the choice of doing it now, in an hour or this evening. I chose in an hour, although that it not certain. I can see that the day has a complicated beginning. The computer powers told me I must attach my computer to power to make the update. This day does not have such a good beginning.

Yesterday my air fryer arrived. Actually I was not really expecting it until October and so I should be happy that it has arrived, although I am not so happy. It means devoting time to find out how it works. Yesterday I spent more time unpacking it and disposing of unwanted cardboard boxes. Today is the paper and cardboard collection in our village and I was more occupied in getting that organised. Thanks to No. 1 son for his help. He had bundled the unwanted newspapers together and put everything outside ready to be picked up. I heard the lorry this morning already at 7.30 collecting everything.

I kept the original box for the air friar as advised, now I just have to learn how it works. Naturally, as usual, the instructions are in three languages, but not in english, so I will have to plough through the German version.

I did manage to get into town yesterday for my Wednesday shopping. It looks very idyllic from the camera view of our main street the the cathedral at the end. It was not so idyllic at the entrance to the supermarket.

As I already mentioned the building is again being renovated. It used to be a hotel and now being converted to appartments. The scaffolding in the photo was quite harmless, but it has now been moved to the entrance of the supermarket and above and what used to be hotel rooms are also being converted. It would not bother me so much if they did not park their various trucks occupying half of the pavement. I cannot get through on my scooter. The workman said I could park where I was, but I was stuck and could not reverse. I told hime to forget it and I would have to wait until he was finished, Eventually workman No. 2 arrived and hitched his vehicle onto the the offending transport and pulled it away. I eventually managed to park my scooter and enter the supermarket. This seems to now be the shape of things to come.

I eventually completed my shopping and scootered on my way home through town, seeing these strange figures on my way. They were part of a music group, as there was a guitar in its case on the ground. I did not stay to see what they were performing, their dress was enough for me.

Eventually I was on the home stretch towards my village and was glad to get home after losing so much time with workmen and their problems.

Due to all this confusion I realised that I have nothing to eat this evening, so I will be off again to the store this afternoon, but only the one along the road which is nearer. I just have to get a few items to ensure we survive until tomorrow and do not suffer from hunger pains.

And now I will leave you, I have a bed to assemble. My your day be a good and above all calm with no excitement as mine was yesterday.