RDP Wednesday: Zephr

A gentle breeze was blowing
A cloud was drifting past
But now the days have changed
How long will this calm last
There are mysteries in the air
Meaning no good for mankind
Spreading unknown dangers
Something new and undefined
This cloud will pass
Floating on its way
Our new cloud is invisible
We hope it will not stay

RDP Wednesday: Zephr

Good Morning

I like skies like this in the morning. They are alive and friendly. The sun shines in between, and what could be better.

Actually things are really not so positive this morning. It began when my auxilliary keyboard on my Apple computer told me that it should be attached to an USB as the battery is low. No problem actually. The keyboard on my apple computer started losing various letters some time ago and I bought an extra keyboard for it which works very well, but it has a battery. It is now recharging with its USB connection and I am now on my Acer computer, which is quite good, but has to be connected to electricity to use it. The Apple computer is useful as it has enough energy without a connection for many hours. And so I had to spend time on organising everything.

So what did we do yesterday?

I decided to go by wheelchair to town, but wanted to visit the bird aviary. I had not been there for some time. It is in a small park on the edge of town. It is a bit difficult for photos and you really have to focus the camera lens to cut out the irritating wires from the cage behind the glass surrounding the birds.

There is quite a colourful selection of birds but I have no idea what they are. There is a notice with photos explaining the names, but a little to far for me to read from the wheelchair.

These three seemed to be sitting quite comfortable on their perch.

And this one seemed to be the most colourful of all.

It was quite a day of birds, and I saw this family of swans floating along our river together. Mum and dad were at the front and the kids behind as always, although no longer so much kids. They are gradually losing their brown feathers it seems.

Staying with the birds, I was also accompanied on my wheelie by this red kite above, flying his circles.

I also had to cross one of the town bridges. This is the newest bridge we have. They replaced it some years ago and added the footpath parallel to the road bridge which is quite useful for crossing the river with my wheelchair.

I was surprised to see how many people were still enjoying the Indian summer days along the riverside. Some were dressed in their bathing suits and taking a swim.

Others were making the most of a river trip in their inflatable canoes. It is now forbidden to use stand up paddle boards in the river. They make no noise and apparently it is not something that the wildlife can cope with. Motor boats etc. are no problem, but the birds were having problems with orientation due to the silence of the paddle boards.

And now it was really time to head for home. I seemed to have spent the afternoon with nature which I quite enjoyed.

After uploading my photos, preparing the evening meal and some blogging and watching my favourite soap on the TV I had some spare time which does not often happen. I had uploaded a new book on my Kindle, The Evening and The Morning by Ken Follettt, the fourth in the Kingsbridge series of books. I have read the other three and was surprised to see there had been a fourth in the meanwhile. It must be ages since I read a book, so I was looking forward to this one. I managed to complete the first chapter yesterday. It is from the time of the year 1000 approximately and the Vikings are plundering and looting and burning everything in their path. Not a very nice bunch it seems. The poor defenceless Anglo Saxons are not doing so well, especially after the fall of the Roman Empire, but there is a lot to come in the book. I love those Ken Follett books, he writes so well.

And now back to reality. The day did not begin so well, but I have now received a large parcel from the post. It is my air fryer that I ordered a week ago, so looks like I will be busy today unpacking it.

I must really go now, so hope to see you later and hope your day goes well.