Good Morning

As I entered town yesterday for my shopping I noticed that the main square had been decorated. I do not know what the idea was, but it attracted my attention. There was a board at the side with a list of explanations, but I could not get near enough to see what it said.

I am later this morning as the cleaning lady was here and I decided to tidy up a few things in the kitchen. It was really time that I disposed of a few things that were just gathering dust – and more – and really not needed. Our local store has a special offer on plastic storage boxes for food and I now have all my dry goods sealed nicely, such as rice and biscuits, much more hygenic.

When I entered town yesterday i was pleasantly surprised to see that it was again our monthly market day. It always happens on the second Monday in the month and there are various stalls with interesting selections. There are no groceries, as that happens every Saturday morning where local produce from the farms is sold.

It is the usual bric-a-brac being sold, but something completely different, Here they had some metal bowls in an Asian style, although I am not sure for what they can be used: probably just ornements looking good on a cupboard somewhere in the home.

Thie was quite an interesting stand and I love the way the various teddy bears were all hanging in a row by pegs.

There are always trinklets to be bought, various pieces of jewellery.

There were not so many customers as usual at the market. It seems to be that since Kovid 19 isolation times people are becoming quite scarce, but I could move quite well between the various stands.

This seemed to be mainly featuring articles made from jeans material.

And I was not quite sure what this was, but I think they were various places to keep your cat comfortable at home.

As I moved through the market I saw these two dogs.

And now I must get on with cooking for dinner. This afternoon I will probably take a trip down to the river in my wheelchair as it is easier to move along the river bank than the scooter.

Keep safe, have a good day, and see you around later.