Good Morning

That was a surprise this morning to see a mist covering the trees on the edge of our estate. The weather is still summerlike. Yeterday we had a temperature of 27°C officially. I was out for a wheelie in my scooter in the afternoon, wearing shorts and sleeveless t-shirt and I am sure the temperature was more like 30°C. Autumn is really leaving us with some hot days.

I wheeled off through the local cemetery. Actually I had a blog about wood to write, so took a few photos of their majestic trees in the cemetery. I wonder what was there first, the trees or the cemetery which might have been built around the trees. Or perhaps they planted the trees afterwards to fill in the spaces. Anyhow the cemetery trees are quite tall and majestic. When you pass through the cemetery as much as I do, you get to know every tree on your way.

From the cemetery I wheeled onto the farm. I met yet another sort of chicken they have. Although the main work of the chickens is to lay eggs, there are always new arrivals at the farm with a difference. These two were really something special with their big fluffy legs and wonderful feather design. The rooster was not there, he was looking after his women in another part of the farm, I heard his voice in tbe background. I am really becoming a chicken fan.

The next stop was the goats. There are only two, which is enough, and seem to be a pair. They used to be amongst the chickens, but now have their own self-contained territory.

There were a few cows out on the pasture, but not a lot. I think the farmer was making sure that the grass was not growing too high until Winter.

On the way home along the path at the side of the railway tracks a bird decided to perch on one of the lamp posts. I suppose it is a pigeon of some sort, that was enjoying the view from the top.

And yet another afternoon was spent seeing what mother nature had to offer. I seemed to be doing the whole journey on my own and saw very few people on my way: just the usual visitors walking up the hill to the local castle, which is always a centre of attraction.

As I was approaching the castle, this coach was searching for a parking space. It had probably deposited a few visitors and was leaving them to their sightseeing in the castle. I notice a few people outside in the gardens. The coach seemed to be causing a traffic jam with its manoeuvres to finding a suitable parking space and holding up the traffic around the castle. I even had to wait a few minutes in my scooter until he had finished. The castle is quite an attraction for visitors from other parts of Switzerland and I see car registration numbers from as far as Zürich. How lucky to have it in my back yard.

And now a new week begins. I do not have any plans, so it will be just the normal shopping and taking a few tours in the area. The weather report is still looking good, warm and rainless. I am still having to water my garden as it can get quite hot during the day.

The good news is that our Kovid statistics in our area have dropped considerably with only a few new cases. However, Switzerland is on the rise, mainly the towns of Geneva, Freiburg and Zürich. If only this pandemic would come to an end, but that will be a few years I am sure.

Keep safe and well and may you have a good week ahead.