FOWC with Fandango: Replace

This used to be the local railway station in the village. Admittedly it was many years ago, before my time in the village. I can hardly believe that this little house was enough to house the waiting passengers, but things change. The little building is still there, no longer used, just a memory in time. It has often been sprayed and the paint removed again.

Of course the new station is something completely different, but the old one remains. There are some things that are irreplaceable.

FOWC with Fandango: Replace

One Word Sunday: Three

Once upon a time there were three trees. One of them wanted to stand on its own and made a few attempts to leave the others. He then discovered that only Ent trees walk in the Middle Earth from the book Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien and its roots were deep in the earthly earth, so it had to stay. The other two trees were happy.

“We do not need any Ents here”.one of the other trees said and his colleague agreed.

This all happened many years ago and they are still standing in the same place, although the one that wanted to go does have a slight lean.

One Word Sunday: Three

Good Morning

Same old sun rising in the morning and same old blue skies with the promise of a good day. A bit of a lazy Sunday morning, but I am finally here. Actually I had a dizzy spell when I stopped hugging the bed. I get them now and again, the last one was a few months ago. I have to be careful sometimes when lifting my head in the morning – always look ahead. Anyhow I have tablets, so no problem. My neurologist tells me it has nothing to do with my MS, but the balance from the ear, good old Meniere is back again. However I have my tablets and with luck it will disappear in a week, perhaps a little more. Another golden oldie problem to be conquered.

Yesterday was really a day of rest. I was thinking about going into town, but realised it was not necessary. I have enough supplies to last for a month, so I just took it easy. My scooter was getting low on the battery, although I could probably have easily done a trip somewhere, and the wheelchair can be a bit complicated sometimes, although that also has its advantages.

So allI have to show are the current events at home. My orchids are still flowering. They have been doing so since at least three months for the second time in their lives and do not seem to think about giving up.

New buds, one after the other are regularly appearing.

I have two orchids which are still laying dormant and then I saw this appear on one of the stalks. I think it will become a flower stalk eventually, perhaps two stalks. Another success I hope. I have had orchids for at least 10 years but never had success with new flowers. This year I am even getting cramped for space on my table outside.

So what shall I do today. Perhaps I might pay a visit to the cows, they are my neighbours. I might even persuade Mr. Swiss to come with me. What a romantic journey side by side in our respective scooters. We could have a race, but as they are the same models, more than 10-11 kilometers per hour as not possible.

Or perhaps we could visit the chickens. I am sure they are missing us. I should really get out and about to enjoy the good early Autumn weather we now have.

First of all I have a few things to do at home. I made a mess in the oven yesterday due to a new tray I bought which makes everything more crispy. The crispy bit works, but it is adjustable to the size of the oven and that does not work so well. Mr. Swiss is now developing a system to fix it in the right place in the oven.

Otherwise nothing really exciting at the moment. Have a good Sunday and make the most of it. See you around.