Good Morning

This morning the same old comfortable sky, but with a remaining wispy cloud and a plane winging its way over Switzerland, so my world seems to be in order up to now.

Yesterday was a day of a few surprises. The repair guy from our village phoned to say he had our new kitchen window and if it was OK, he would be along to fit it in. Of course it was OK. He said it would take about two weeks and after a week he already had it. I was shopping, but while I was out he came along and did the job. Mr. Swiss said he only had about 10 minutes. We are now really catless as it was the last sign we had of having a cat because it had a cat flap built into the old window. Somehow something was now missing.

I was off shopping for an hour in the afternoon, but I really did not have a lot to buy. It is still good to circulate and see other surroundings. I was in the supermarket and heard the butcher lady greet another lady by a name I recognised, so I had another closer look, but it would be about 40 years ago, and as a golden oldie you tend to change over the years. Anyhow I took my courage in my hand and asked the lady in question afterwards whether she was the person I thought it could be and it was. We lived in the same estate for 20 years and I saw her kids growing up as she did mine. She is now a grandmother as well as me and we caught up on the missing years. It seems I will now see her from time to time as we are both using the same store, and now we recognise each other again.

I eventually left the store. There used to be a hotel next to it, but it is now being transformed to apartments I believe. After at least 50 years the owner and his family are now in retirement with no-one to continue.

And then as I was entering town, I met yet another person that I had not seen for at least five years. He was our one time neighbour and so we also had a lot of catching up to do. I remember their son getting interested in playing drums and Mr. Swiss gave him his first experiences. Now he is already 12 years old and has his full sized drum set, as well as a fully electric drum set for practice and is still having lessons. They are the little things in life that really make you happy. It seems he is also learning the piano as a second instrument and the other younger son is playing the guitar.

After a long catching up conversation I decided it was time to go. I only wanted a few things in town but it was developing into a very long stay.

I eventually left town and took a last look at our cathedral closeup.

I arrived home and began to make the evening food, cheese cakes with soup and there was a ring at the doorbell. The next surprise had arrived and No. 2 son was standing at the door. He was on his way from his workplace in the town of Biel to home in the Eastern part of Switzerland near Schaffhausen and made a stop off to us to see how the old folks were doing. Of course my first movement was to put a few more cheese cakes in the oven to cope with the extra visitor. Naturally I caught up on the development of my two grandchildren. He eventually left to catch his train connection to home. I was a bit exhausted from my adventurous day yesterday evening and put my computer to sleep a little earlier, hence I was not so active yesterday.

In between I had a visitor from another neighbour’s cat.

I remember it as a kitten a few years ago and it often walks through my garden, but I always have difficult getting a photo, but this time he stayed to satisfy the curiosity of what was in my open garden cupboard. I think it is a so-called Somali breed and has very distinct markings on its tabby fur. My place seems to be developing into a cat meeting area.

Today I will probably do a quick visit to the local store, so no visits in town. One of my online contacts lives in an area in America where she is being evacuated. It seems to be a big problem with the fires. I saw some photos she had posted and it the sky is brown, the air quality is also very bad. I feel so sorry for her.

I am now evacuating my place in the kitchen at the computer as I should really get the day started with something more useful. May you all have a good begin to the week-end and enjoy it.

20 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning …. we feel for those people in our country who are being ravaged by the fires … it is a sad situation. A lot in our country is in a sad situation at the moment … it is all pretty unbelievable as a matter of fact. Hopefully our country will change for the better but I dunno … I continue to pray my rosaries …Have a great weekend … SLP …

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    • He often turns up now and again as he works nearby during the week. His wife is visiting her family in Germany at the moment and so he has some spare time.


  2. Good afternoon, Nice to have some surprises that pleasant. I suspect Tabby scent is gone from your garden ant is telling other cats to inspect it. Nice for you to the cats. While we are not in any way for a fire. The smoke from fires have now reach us and more smoke is forecast. It is hard to read the fire posts especially places we spent time in them. I checked all the fires and haven’t any information Cee and her family live. But they are in a region that there numerous fires. One was set on purpose and the starter was caught. Our news is so depressing and America is having a hard time. Stay safe.

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    • Yesterday was quite a busy day for me, so today i am taking it easy. The cats really seem to like our garden. Hope you can keep clear of the fires, it certainly looks bad. Keep safe

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  3. Since getting back, I have not minded the news about other evacuations. It really is difficult in some places. Our region looks so ‘normal’ from town. I have not seen anything else, and know of only a few who lost their homes. Some will be staying in cabins here for a while. The cabins are unused anyway because of the other ‘situation’.

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