Good Morning

Some nice feathery clouds this morning and the sun is shining. Looks like another pleasant day in my world. No sign of rain and according to the weather report it will stay that way for the next week.

Talking of next week. I discovered a golden oldie muddle yesterday. I was looking at the village programme for rubbish disposal and saw that at last we were going to have a removal of the unwanted newspapers and cardboard. We collect it in the cellar and No. 1 son deposits on the street to be collected. I was convinced it was 7th September, but I noticed that it was still there on the street side a week later. I was not sure it was our paper as they all look alike, but yesterday I have a closer look and realised ours was the only paper outside. Did the men not find it and left it or ……. yes, did I make a mistake. I had a quick check on our programme and saw it was being collected on 17th September, next week on Thursday. So No. 1 son and I put it in the garage for the time being. I was worried it might rain and there would be complaints about my soggy paper. One of he golden oldie mixups with time.

Otherwise I was off to town yesterday afternoon, more out of having somewhere to go. I did not really have a lot to buy and just wandered around a bit on my scooter. Our town never get so crowded during the week ad neither are the supermarkets. In the earlier days it was a crowded event daily to go shopping. Now you have enough room in the store “to swing a cat” as the saying goes. Admittedly there are reduced numbers of people allowed in, but there is never anyone waiting outside to enter. Naturally it makes the shopping experience more pleasant, especially as those that are there avoid getting to close.

I am sure that people have began to plan their daily chores with a difference. There is still a lot being bought online, and the daily shopping is no longer as it was. I make the most of these relaxing shopping days to plan a little ahead with food supplies, freezing meat and organising. This leads to the result that I no longer have such a stress with the household. Weekend shopping on Friday is now almost non existent and and I do bits and pieces during the week.

Even the shop assistants are more friendly. I bought some veal slices yesterday, planning to cook them in a morilles cream sauce over the week-end. I had to ask the lady in the butchers where the moriilles were. She showed me and added the remark that it looks like I will be cooking veal slices with a morille sauce – how perceptive. Morilles are a very expensive sort of mushroom and you usually buy them dehydrated, as finding them fresh is quite a problem as they grow in the earth. In Italy I believe they train pigs to find them, or dogs.

After my shopping I returned through the town taking a few photos here and there. The side streets were quite empty. This is a view on the so-called Gold Alley, although the cobblestones are not paved with gold. Our town is full of these amall and narrow side streets.

As I left town I rode past the small green park. The trees are still fully clothed in their leafy costume, but it will not belong until the dead leaves are falling.

As soon as I see our local castle in our village I know I do not have far to go. The sunflower field is now on its last stalks and it will not be long before the harvesting machines arrive to remove it.

It was another evening with the TV and a little washing to hang up before retiring. Today I will again be in town to get the last minuted stuff. I am planning on a mice meat pie tomorrow and I like to get the meat fresh, if I do not have any frozen. The lady in the butchers minces it fresh-You can buy it prepacked, but I prefer it freshly minced if possible. As a golden oldie I have time and patience for my shoppping. I also have a few veg to get, and then I will be set until Monday when I will go into the shopping attack again.

I now have to get a few things organised. There are a few things to iron and some tidying up to do. Otherwise no stress. Have a good day everyone, the week-end is nigh (although every day seems to be a week-end for golden oldies). Take care, stay at a distance and wear your masks. Washing hands frequently is also in the programme I believe. And here one of those fantastic views I get when leaving town.