Good Morning

If that isn’t a sun rise, although it was already 8.00 a.m. when I took the photo this morning, so the sun had been rising for some time. It does get dark earlier in the evening and I already have to have to switch the light on at 8.00 p.m. to see what I am doing on the computer. Yes, the seasons are changing with all their little quirks. We will soon be having our extra hour sleep when the clocks are put back. One of my favourite nights of the year.

Yesterday I was off to town again on a shopping expedition. As I approached the town entrance I saw this group of people standing outside. You might be wondering what they were looking at. We have town hostesses that take groups of people around the town explaining it all.

This time they were all gathered around the model of our town showing the various streets and buildings.

I moved on to the store passing a gathering of pigeons on my way. Someone had spread some food for them, and one pigeon comes seldom alone when there is food.

I eventually reached the store and began the process of searching. I was a little disappointed as my next project will be a celery salad as an accompaniment to the cold cuts in the evening. I like the get celeriac, the big white celery vegetable and not the stalks, but it has to be minced to mix it as a salad and they had none. ready cut. It was already sold out. I did not need it for yesterday, but today, so will take another look today. I do not have a cutter on my machine for cutting it into wormlike pieces otherwise I could do it myself. Idea: buy one. I also needed small pieces of pineapple to mix with it and another disappointment. They were completely sold out of small tins of pineapple and had only mega sizes for an army, although I managed to buy some cut fresh pineapple which is even better perhaps. Today I will be in town again and have a look around. I used to go to the king sized store with mall and everything, but since being without a car, it is too far for a ride in my scooter. It is also complicated to get there by bus.

I finished my shopping and wheeled back through town. As I was entering I heard children’s singing voices. When I turned the corner there were three young girls standing in a row and singing a song together with arm actions. I did not understand the words of the song. I think they were singing in one of the Eastern European languages. There were a few people standing and listening, mostly ladies, and I could see that they thought it was quite sweet. I also spotted the usual hat, or container, to collect the money. I like street entertainers, they add a bit of variety to the town, but I see more and more kids doing it all and there I draw a line. If dad plays the guitar and little son sings to the music, or groups of school aged children stand on street corners singing for money, I do not find it such a good thing. I find it a little exploitation of the kids. Shouldn’t they be at school or doing their homework or playing with their friends. Definitely not on the street collecting money and dad can play his guitar on his own. Although the dad I mean was back in town a day later without his son, his wife was with him singing to the music.

As I wheeled on through town the street was a little blocked by a truck with a crane. They are renovating the building on the left and being a small middle aged town, it was not really built for cranes and large machines. However I could squeeze past and eventually hit the home stretch

passing another musician with his guitar, this time no kids. Actually he was not really playing anything. It was the same constant rhythm. It seems you only need an instrument and an open guitar case for the money. I must suggest to Mr. Swiss if he could take his drum set to town and earn some money on the side.

I eventually arrived home. My shopping had just been delivered by our collectors that pick it up at the store for me and bring it home. Mr. Swiss was away for his second dental visit of the day and so I was alone at home for some time with one exception. The neighbour’s cat, Roschti, decided to keep me company and was guarding the apartment outside in the garden. Where would we be without the local cat.

I now have a satisfied Mr. Swiss. The dental two visits of the day were a success. He had a tooth extraction and in the evening picked up his third set of teeth complete. It was not a completely painless procedure, but today everything is fine and he no longer has to see the dentist. The treatment is now completed.

My days are really action packed. Wonder what will happen today. Now I am off for the daily home routine, nothing special and above all no stress. Hope you day is also a good one. Ours is developing nicely.

14 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning … yes the town diorama thing is very interesting. I have been reading about your town on Twitter … it certainly does go back in history. It seems to have some connection with St. Ursula. We had Ursuline nuns teaching in our elementary school back when I was there .. but that is probably something different. Dunno … Have the schools re-opened in Switzerland? Do the kiddies go INTO school? Or is it like in the USA currently where a lot of them stay home and do it remotely? Just curious. Have a great day. Hope you find your minced celery at the store today … I am off to the market shortly … Thursday is Senior Citizens Day .. if you are over 55 you get 5% off … so that’s me ..anything to save a dollar or two … SLP …

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    • We have St. Urs as our patron saint and the cathedral was named after him. It is St. Urs day on 30th September, my oldest sons birthday. Our kids are back at school for some time. In the high school there were a few classes through the country quantined for an outbreak of the virus, but it seems to be under control. We have senior citizens day on one day in the month. We have a monhly ticket and we can choose the day ourself. We get 10% off.


  2. I have been bringing in the bowls for the outside cats at 8pm, but noticed how dark it was. I put on the front porch light but even with that, the cats are nowhere to be found at 8pm. I guess they are tucked in for the night by then. I am ready for summer to be over. Bring on autumn!

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  3. Good afternoon, our days now are about 12 hours of day light and the other dark. I am thing about buying an air fryer. When growing up thing you order from catalog were not as describe so to buy online. I like celery pieces fill with a cheese spread. Fires still burning on the west coast. Have good evenings.

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    • It gets dark earlier now in the evening. I am looking forward to my air fryer, but it will only be delivered in October. They seem to be quite popular. Celery stalks are not so popular here. We tend to cook celeriac with meat, or make a salad with it.

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  4. Santa Cruz is such an weird town that street musicians compete for space on the sidewalks of Pacific Street (which was the Pacific Garden Mall prior to the Earthquake). Some are louder than others, but they try to not interfere with the music of their neighbors. I could do without it, but I like how everyone else enjoys it.

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