Good Morning

Another sunny day has arrived. If you are wondering what the cloud is on the left of the picture, it is my thumb. I could have removed it by shifting the picture frame, but nobody is perfect and these things happen, especially when taking a quick photo with the telephone camera.

At the moment I am completely alone at home. Mr. Swiss had a dental appointment this morning already at 8.00 am and got himself a taxi to get there. It was really a little early for a golden oldie to make the journey with his scooter and it is better to do it in comfort. He is also having a tooth removed. He has a second appointment this evening to finish the repair work and we are hoping that the job will then be completed: although dental work is an eternal event. It begins when you lose your milk teeth up to when you get your third set of teeth.

I have been lucky in a way. I have had my problems, even picked up a gold tooth at the back on the way, but since visiting regularly to the dentist, no big deal. Now and again perhaps a tooth filling might crumble away, but over the years, thanks to modern dental technique and a good family dentist, they are more or less stable. I just got myself a new electric toothbrush as the old one gave up after many years.

Yesterday I decided to make a tour of the surroundings and was quite pleased to see the animal show out on the fields. It seems that the cow night shift is now over. The days no longer have such intensive heat and the cows are on the pastures again.

I decided to move in a little closer, but they were too busy munching away at the fresh grass, probably making the most of it, as during the Winter it will only be hay. This one seemed to have a punk hairstyle, compensating for the horns that she never had after being removed as a calf. I wonder if she misses them.

Moving on I saw that one of the horses was getting some beauty treatment.

The goat pair were also keeping an eye on things, but also relaxing in the sun.

Not to mention the chicken family, complete with rooster and that was some rooster. He towered above everything keeping order. Of course these are the special hens. Otherwise there are 200 hens all in their movable houses, the egg specialists. The hens are kept in a place with shelter and a large space on the field for a walk now and again. This group live on the farmhouse grounds. Growing up in a large town like London, I very much appreciate the open air life and the sights I have in my little Swiss village.

Yesterday was really a wonderful afternoon for a wheelie in my chair to the farm.

I treated myself to a new toy yesterday, something I wanted for some time. I am on a cooking trip at the moment. After a few years I have begun to bake a cake now and again and pep up my cold cut meals in the evening. I only have to take care of Mr. Swiss and son No. 1 and myself of course, but cooking now has a completely different perspective for me. I was cooking to feed the five thousand for many years for the family but now Mr. Swiss no longer eats so much, being compensated by No. 1 son that eats everything that is left, with the exception of mushrooms or green vegetables. I still enjoy my food, but one plate does me nicely and perhaps a little more.

Anyhow, my cookery company are offering a Hot air fryer. It is like a deep fryer but does not need litres of oil. Just put in the ingredients, perhaps french fries or some meat like chicken, add 3 spoons of oil and switch it on. You get the same crispy food as from the old fashioned deep fryers without the smell and mess of the old system. I know a few people that have one and they find them very good. I am also getting it for a very good price, being a member of the group. Watch this space for further reports when I have it.

I also did my first attempt at a Russian salad yesterday. Mr. Swiss likes it and often bought a tin of the veg to make a salad with. All it is is a mixture of potato, peas, carrots, beans cut in small pieces and mixed with a salad sauce – no magic involved. I decided that I had the veg at home, some frozen, some fresh, so cut it all up and cooked it for a few minutes in my microwave adding a little bouillon when cooking. Afterwards, just a normal salad sauce, also made by me, and mix it all up and serve. It turned out quite well and I knew what we were eating. I never did like tinned food. The whole process only took a couple of minutes. While it was cooling down I got on with my computer bits and pieces. Anyhow the main thing was that they all liked it. I really try to cook healthy. I have the time and it’s fun to do.

Mr. Swiss has now just returned from the dentist with a tooth less, but he survived. He has also booked his taxi for this evening’s ride. I am glad he is safe and sound back at home.

And now to continue with normal daily life at the Angloswiss den. Have a good day and may everything be smooth runnings. See you later. On my way home yesterday these two passed me, on a ride from the local stable. I sometimes I wish I could ride a horse, everything is so near where I live.

20 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. We used to have one of those fryers, Tefal I think, and we thought it was very good but unfortunately it did not last long before going kaput. At that time, I guess they were very new technology and certainly quite expensive, so we never replaced it. I seem to remember they cooked sausages perfectly.

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      • funnily enough I still like vegetarian sausages, sausage and some rice is an easy meal when I can’t really be bothered doing proper cooking. One of the few times I’ll eat meat is if we go to Lidl and they have some German sausages in.

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  2. That oil free (or nearly) cooking interests me greatly. Can you tell me more or send me a link to my mail address?
    Yes, living the good life in the proximity of a small/middle sized town is pretty much the bees’ knees in my books too. And the photos you bring back from your excursions are always wonderful. Have a good day.

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    • I am sure you have heard of Betty Bossi. I have many of her cookery books, but lost interest a few years ago. Now I have joined again, probably out of boredom, and noticed she has an air fryer on offer.
      Betty Bossi Air Fryer and I have ordered one, but will only get it in October it seems. I get the reduced price being a member of the group. You can buy them in most stores, but I decided to order this one as I have never been disappointed by Betty Bossi.

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  3. I’m anxious to hear your report on the air fryer. My kids have one and love it and I’ve been thinking about ordering one, too. I hesitate to order another gadget.. my instant pot is gathering dust, but maybe when the temperature is cooler I will use it again.

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    • this really seems to be a popular choice according to the reactions I have. I am looking forward to getting it and seeing how it works. They come in various sizes, but I only have a three people household.


  4. Good afternoon, reading your posts are an uplifting my feeling, there is so much interesting in the post.Yesterday was spent changing a bed for a new one with all the new technology. The air fryer sound like something I would like. Have a pleasant evening.


    • Mr. Swiss already has some of his third teeth and he got a new one added yesterday. Up to now I have been lucky. Dentists are an expensive race of people.


  5. Horses eat things. They do not care how rare or exotic, they eat it if they can reach it. My roommates boarded horses to pay rent in college. It worked out well, but there were a few horses who got too close to my roses, and one pulled over my fig tree that he was tied to.
    Anyway, I am sorry I got so far behind.

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