Good Morning

I am a bit later this morning, but it is cleaning lady day, and I have a slightly different programme. I also noticed that our new and wonderfull block system of writing has a little change and the window with all the various tabs disappears when I begin to write. However, no problem, just a little click on the + sign and it returns. Otherwise I must say I am getting on very well with this new system. I discovered no point in searching for too much, just take what you need and the rest falls in place. I am really too old now to expect that companies are going to adapt to my wishes and basically I do not really have any more wishes. Just get on with it.

Today’s weather has a little more sun. It was a very dull day yesterday and I would not have been surprised if we had some rain.

Yesterday I was again on a search for food in town, although I just needed some meat from the butcher and fresh vegetable.

Before I approach the store I have to cross one of our main squares with its wonderful modern design of fountains, which really is nothing special. There used to be an old fashioned normal fountain in the middle of the square, but someone decided it should be a little more modern. The busses still circulate around the square. If you follow the road on the left you would eventually reach the french speaking part of Switzerland after half an hour. My No. 2 son has an apartment there as he works in the town of Biel during the week. He is Swiss German speaking like all our family more of less, with a little bit of english in between, but speaks fluent French after working for a few years in Brussels, Belgium.

I noticed the town was not so busy yesterday, probably the Monday feeling, and the outside restaurants had very few people.

Look what I saw in the kitchen yesterday in the morning. I think it was a Katydid as the feelers were a lot longer than the grasshopper, although it did make a big jump when it left the kitchen for the garden. I think he made a mistake when entering my home.

One of my favourite soaps returned to the TV yesterday evening: Eastenders based on life in the East End of London where I grew up. Of course it is typical sitcom style, but they had to stop filming due to keeping safe distances with the virus. They were using all sorts of devices to keep it all under control, which the viewers did not see of course: large glass panes separating the people which you really did not realise when watching.

I noticed yesterday that one of the trees opposite my garden had some red leaves. It looks like that autumn is really on its way. I hope it will not be a wet one. I can cope with everything quite well after no longer having a car, but rain is the most annoying. It means taking the local train to the local supermarket and no longer being able to enjoy the town atmosphere.

Today I think I will take a trip to the local cemetery and castle. If I am lucky I might even meet a few chickens and cows on the way.

Dinner is cooking, sliced pork and spatzle, so I should start organising the table. No. 1 son will be home soon.

Have a good day everyone, look on the bright side and I hope you find one.

9 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning … great pictures … have a great day … our leaves are beginning to turn also … I would like 4-6 more weeks of warmer weather but it does not seem to be …. SLP …

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  2. Good Afternoon, Your insect is a leafbug we had one here.
    The winds arrived yesterday, Many fires are burning Eastern Washington. Powder outage in many areas. We had no storm problems. Take care and have good evening.

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  3. I suppose my problem is that I actually have a writing style. I have been writing for a very long time and I can’t do it the way they seem to feel i should because that’s not how I do it. After all these years as a writer, i think I’m actually entitled to have a personal style and I don’t like being forced to suddenly change my style — especially when I’m not getting paid. I used to do all kinds of strange things, but i got paid for that. Now, I’m paying them, so I figure i should at least be allowed to write my own way. It’s called “being the customer.” Call me crazy, but i have pretty strong feelings about it.

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    • It seems to be fashion today to regularly make new systems. As soon as I get settled with one system, I get a new one. I was very much disturbed by this completely different thing until I realised the only different thing was the wiord Block, which I have realised Is their name for Paragraph. I too have my style to write and are lucky that it fits. After finding the picture insertion and HTML it is working OK for me


  4. I used to ‘degrease’ under the hood of my old cars. If I were not concerned about damaging electrical parts, I would be tempted to drive over that fountain to get the underside of the car rinsed off, especially in a climate where roads get salted.

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