FOWC with Fandango: Online

I live online, armed with my I-phone, I-pad and I-tea. i have even trained myself to drink the tea whilst programming with the other hand. It is all a matter of concentration. I order my food online, order ny clothes on line. I wish I could do the housework on line, the washing, the ironing and making the beds. Then life would be perfect. If Bill Gates had been a woman, he would not have wasted so much time developing the Windows system, he would have discovered how to clean them online.

FOWC with Fandango: Online

RDP Monday: Charcoal

The fire was glowing, the cinders were grey
fuzzy and smokey in the b-b-que way
The ladies were waiting for their annual feast
With various cuts from various beast
One had some pork the other had beef
all soaked in mustard to be sure it was not mief
And then Maggie coughed which was really not her goal
Instead of chewing meat, she was choking on charcoal

RDP Monday: Charcoal

Good Morning

I am hoping for a bit of sun today. Yesterday was such a dreary day, and not very warm. I can hear you knocking at the door Autumn and I am sure you will soon be here. The tree opposite already has some red edges on the leaves.

Otherwise I was in action this morning. We have a window that is being renewed in the kitchen. It had a cat flap built into it and through the tension caused by it in the glass, a crack occurred in the window. We repaired it with sellotape, thinking one day there will be no cat flap and we will then get a new window. Now the time has come. Tabby, our last feline, left us a couple of months ago for her 10th life and our village tradesman is organising the new window. This morning he came along to get the right measurements for ordering the new window which will be delivered in a couple of weeks. He is a super guy and is very reliable. He was only here for about a quarter of an hour.

Now life is back to normal and the week begins again. Yesterday I did not go so far, but went for a wheelie in my chair around our part of the village.

I wheeled past one of the next door neighbour’s villas. It looks like something from a Hollywood film with its large size and the garden with the tree avenue. It used to belong to the founder of a company, but he passed away some time ago, and it was bought. I never see anyone actually that lives there, but now and again there are gardeners at work.

I met these two rabbits sitting in a garden on my way. They were not very active, just sitting and watching. They looked quite well fed.

There was a third rabbit, but kept himself to himself and did not mix with the other two.

There are always good views to be had in our village with the backdrop of the Jura mountains. When you leave our estate, it is mostly open farmland and farmhouses.

I had a look to see if there were any cows around, but the field was empty except for the hay trough, which was also empty. It seems the cows are now restricted to their various barns and are doing the night shift on the fields.

I was only away for about an hour yesterday and when I returned home I decided to bake some small cakes. I had a fresh lemon and made some lemon cakes which everyone was happy about.

No. 2 son was on the telephone. It was his eldest son’s birthday yesterday, 3 years old. Time really flies quickly, and now No. 2 granddaughter will be a year old in November. It is lovely to see them even if only on the messenger.

Today I will be on a shopping trip this afternoon. Otherwise I will just be pottering around at home playing housewife. Have a good beginning to the week.