RDP Sunday: Unoccupied

I live in a small village in Switzerland, but nothing is unoccupied. It is one of those villages, I suppose something similar to Monaco, where local tax rates are quite low. We have a few millionaires to thank for building their houses here, keeping everything at a low level.

It is strange, a small village, but they never seem to run out of space for building something new. This afternoon I went for a wheelie around the village, well actually only in my part, South of the road that splits it in two. What did I see, at least two cranes, and here is one of the new luxury blocks being built, or is it just a one family house. It is always difficult to define.

We even have special residences for the golden oldies, but I am still not quite sure who can afford to live there. Mr. Swiss finds it is a good thing, because we of the lower classes, profit from the money of the higher classes with the tax level.

Wherever you look, there is a crane somewhere.

RDP Sunday: Unoccupied

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