FOTD 6th September 2020: Mallow

There it was growing in the middle of our natural meadow, which is actually no longer such a meadow. The wild plant mixture was removed a month ago, but this is the late comer. The one that waits for the others to go, so that it has the field to itself. I was surprised to see it flowering this afternoon, not quite on its own. There was a second plant near it. And look at those buds not yet opened. This will be a one plant show.

FOTD 6th September 2020: Mallow

8 thoughts on “FOTD 6th September 2020: Mallow

  1. What a lovely surprise! Wild flowers always bring joy and a reminder that there are still places where people haven’t totally altered the environment.

    I always enjoy the milch cows in your opening photo, perhaps because I live in a rural area where cows – usually beef cattle – are routine and enjoyable parts of the landscape. The former, though, tend to be more like pets, with distinct and usually agreeable personalities.


    • Our wild flower meadow is part of our landscape and new flowers are always being discovered. Our cows are for milk. I find it a shame that they remove the horns when they are calves. I don’t often see them in the hot days of summer as the farmer only lets the out into the field during the Night when it is cooler


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