FOTD 6th September 2020: Mallow

There it was growing in the middle of our natural meadow, which is actually no longer such a meadow. The wild plant mixture was removed a month ago, but this is the late comer. The one that waits for the others to go, so that it has the field to itself. I was surprised to see it flowering this afternoon, not quite on its own. There was a second plant near it. And look at those buds not yet opened. This will be a one plant show.

FOTD 6th September 2020: Mallow

RDP Sunday: Unoccupied

I live in a small village in Switzerland, but nothing is unoccupied. It is one of those villages, I suppose something similar to Monaco, where local tax rates are quite low. We have a few millionaires to thank for building their houses here, keeping everything at a low level.

It is strange, a small village, but they never seem to run out of space for building something new. This afternoon I went for a wheelie around the village, well actually only in my part, South of the road that splits it in two. What did I see, at least two cranes, and here is one of the new luxury blocks being built, or is it just a one family house. It is always difficult to define.

We even have special residences for the golden oldies, but I am still not quite sure who can afford to live there. Mr. Swiss finds it is a good thing, because we of the lower classes, profit from the money of the higher classes with the tax level.

Wherever you look, there is a crane somewhere.

RDP Sunday: Unoccupied

Good Morning

It is not raining, has not rained for almost a week and I am even forced to water the garden in the evening. However, we have a few clouds that gather now and again. No problem really, as our temperatures during the day are quite pleasant, even reaching 28° C now and again so what could be better.

Yesterday afternoon I decided to go somewhere, but really did not know where. I knew I wanted to get out for some fresh air and perhaps see people. Self isolation is not really my thing and I have been lucky that I have not had to up to now. All the talk at the beginnings of the virus attacks about golden oldies avoiding shopping and staying at home is now forgotten it seems. Now the children have taken over with their priorities because they are back to school. The young adults are also in the limelight if they decide to socialise in their evening restaurants, or clubs. I wonder who will be next on the list. Of course it is all to be taken seriously, Kovid 19 does not make jokes or exceptions. I think often the powers that be are swimming in their ideas of protection and are not sure what is good or not good. Cases are increasing everywhere. Even in our little Switzerland, sandwiched between the rest of Europe, are having their problems of an increase in cases. Yesterday it was more than 400 that joined the statistics.

When I reached town yesterday I saw there were people everywhere enjoying the sunshine and our town guides were at work with their various groups of tourists explaining the various features of the town. Of course you see more masks now.

I entered the supermarket store yesterday for just a few items and to look around as it was not my usual supermarket chain and I wanted to see what they had on offer. They have less own products and more the general available assortment. I walked in and began to have a look around. I only got as far as the vegetables and realised I was unmasked. No-one had stopped me, not even noticed the golden oldie with the walker, and probably thought I was one of those cases that was an exception. I was not, of course, and quickly put on my mask before it became an issue. I always have one in with me, but only wear it where I must. For me they are uncomfortable.

There was the usual group of musicians somewhere in town. They were not bad with their songs and guitars. I was not sure what the women were doing there. One had a little bell in the hand, and the other a tambourine to keep the rhythm. Probably the boys with the guitars just took them along for the fun of it. I saw a guitar player at the cash desk in the supermarket. His guitar case was full of loose change from playing. He had it on the floor and was sorting the change to buy something at the till and everyone was waiting for him as he was quite an obstruction.

Our cathedral entrance was quite full of people and there seemed to be something going on inside, everyone waiting for their turn to enter. I think I should enter myself once, just for a few photos. Of course I could not climb the steps either physically or with my scooter, but I could enter by the back entrance where there are no steps.

It was time to go home as I did have an evening meal to prepare. Saturday evening I usually put a little more effort into food that during the week. It has become a sort of tradition, and I had a pizza to prepare.

Eventually I could settle down in front of the TV and relax. I had received a new cookery book yesterday and wanted to see what was on offer for new ideas, although have not yet found any inspiration.

And now to get lunch on its way. It is one of those things that cook for a couple of hours, so no stress. Have a good Sunday, relax and take it easy.