Good Morning

Another wonderful sunny morning has arrived. Yesterday was a summer’s day with all the good things. Hot, but pleasant, and plenty of sunshine and even a light breeze to make it bearable. I loved it. I was off to town in the afternoon for the week-end shopping, although that is no longer such a big thing as it was. I now plan more ahead, and just had a few veg and salad to pick up and have a look for any special offers. They had reduced the price of filet of pork by 30%, so that was an opportunity to stock up for later. I got two and they are now quietly freezing away in my freezer in the cellar. I made a false manipulation on my iPhone as I was shopping and lost the complete shopping list. It was not the first time, but I was getting mixed up having to adjust my mask constantly.

I had to depend on my memory for what I needed, but when I got home I realised I had bought it all. Today I am free to go and do what I want. Perhaps again in town, or perhaps more in the surroundings.

There was another musician in town playing his saxophone. He had recorded backing music to support him. He was OK as background music to my journey through town, but I prefer some singing to go with it.

As I wheeled around I noticed this pigeon having a bird’s eye view of everything. Otherwise I decided to get back home as I had a project to complete.

I decided on frankfurter type sausages for the evening meal, but this time instead of coupling them with a plate of soup I decided on a good old traditional potato salad. Basically I do not like making the salad. not even eating it, a lot of messing about, but Mr. Swiss likes it and it has really been a matter of years since I made one. As soon as I got home I prepared the potatoes by prodding them all over to make sure they did not explode in the microwave. After 10 minutes they were all cooked in their skins and now came the painful part of peeling them whilst very hot. Mr. Swiss helped me and amidst cries of pain form burning fingers, we completed the job. Mr. Swiss said it would be better when I would cook them a day in advance and peel them when cold the next morning. My recipe said to peel them at once however.

When we finished the peeling process I cut them in slices and covered them with bouillon to let them soak it up for half an hour. Afterwards I made my salad sauce for the potatoes. I warmed up the sausages and we were ready with the evening meal. I was worried that the potatoes might be a bit mashy, but they were cooked perfectly and I must say, for someone like me that does not have potato salad on her favourite to eat list, I quite enjoyed it. So did everyone else, although not the sort of thing I would do weekly, but for a change it was OK. I got the recipe from my online Swiss cooking group.

I was occupied in the garden this morning having a look at the new flower developments, noticing that my sedum was now in full bloom, and out of the corner of my eye saw a movement. Roschti, the neighbour’s cat, was here again. He seems to have adopted me after becoming catless after Tabby left us to enjoy her tenth life. It is almost as if Tabby had told him to keep an eye on us when she was gone.

He eventually settled in a comfortable feline suitable place to observe the developments.

And now I will observe the developments in my apartment. I must now go into action and give my orchids their weekly dose of water and fertiliser. The are still living outside in the fresh air and sun, but the time will be coming when I must move them indoors during the Winter.

May you all have a good week-end whatever you are doing See you around some time later.

9 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good Morning!
    Blue sky is a rare commodity around here, and good to see elsewhere.
    We expect it to be 102 Fahrenheit or 39 Centigrade tomorrow, with minimal humidity. This is not good for the fires that continue to burn.

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  2. Good afternoon, It was nice to see the pictures of Roschiti. Today will be another scorch with temperatures again in 3 digits. There is some smoke in the area from fires burning neighboring state. Have good evening and stay safe.


  3. Roschti often arrives in my garden. It was quite hot today, but pleasant. Autumn is around the corner and I think we are having a so-called Indian Summer. That smoke really seems to be hanging around.


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