Good Morning

I decided to include the front of the neighbouring block on this photo. Not only are you getting the morning sky, but the reflection of the rising sun which I hope means a good day. It certainly puts you in a good mood for the rest.

Yesterday I did not have anything particular to do, but had to go to the local store as someone had used the last 60 liter plastic waste disposal bag for the garbage and did not tell me it was the last. I did not bother to have a discussion who it was, I just knew it was not me. I decided on the wheelchair as it was not far and I did not really have to buy in the store, but just at the cash desk. They keep these bags at the desk. They are very expensive because the tax of collecting the rubbish is high, and they charge it extra on the purchase of the bags. They were in the store for self service at the beginning, but too many were being stolen, so now you have to ask for them at the cash desk.

I saw my reflection on the empty property next to the store as I wheeled past, so decided on a photo. No-one ever takes photos of me. The empty room used to be part of my garage sales store before they moved out. Half of the property became our new supermarket and the rest is still waiting for someone to move in as it has not yet been further rented.

Yesterday was the first compulsory day for wearing a mask in the store. We were all masked shoppers, but I had a small problem when paying at the cash desk. I have an app on my phone for payment, and it did not recognise me when I wanted to use because of the face mask. However, I have just seen in Internet that the new update will overcome this problem, so I will have to try it out. I spent half an hour updating my phone, iPad and Apple computer yesterday, so something should now be working. Yesterday I just removed the facial part of the mask quickly when paying.

As this store had a direct way down to the river, I decided to travel home in this direction. I had not been down to the river for some time. It is quite a bumpy stony path, but works fine with my wheelchair. The scooter would be more complicated. There were a few boats moored along the side of the river.

I passed by one of our bridges before moving along the river bank. This bridge has no name I discovered on the map. It was built for the students of our high school which is quite near and only for pedestrians or bikes. Many live in the villages on the other side of the river and it certainly shortens their journey.

I continued on my way seeing a few people taking a walk or sitting by the river, and then a I saw a young man with his dog- As the dog was chasing a ball that the owner was throwing into the river I decided to take a few photos. It was then that the young man greeted me by name. I had to look twice, did I know him? He greeted again and then I recognised the voice. It was my boss of many years when I was a working lady. He left the company on the same day as I did and we had a lot to catch up on. He is the same age as my No. 2 son and they were both at the same school together. That was a wonderful meeting after so many years. He was always a dog person. He said he is often at the river when he has a free day. They are the situations that really cheer you up.

As I wheeled on I could hear the quacking of ducks, but saw no ducks. I was poised with the camera when a lady, who was also watching, stopped as hoped she was not in may way for the photo. I said not at all, but was waiting to see some ducks that I could hear and suddenly they appeared. There were three together, the first ducks I had seen for some time.

I eventually reached home and met two neighbours so stayed for a chat. One had her Jack Russell terrier with her. Apparently it grew up on a farm, and had already had six litters of pups when the neighbour adopted it. Her puppy days are now over, and she now leads a nice relaxed life with the neighbour.

I decided it was now time to enter my apartment otherwise Mr. Swiss will be getting worried where I was. I intended a short journey, but it grew a little longer. I enjoyed being in the fresh air and my various encounters.

I should really go down to the river more, especially when the weather is good. It is now a good time of the year as there are not so many insects flying around.

And now for the daily chores. I am still working on the menu plan for the week-end. Actually I have most of it, but Sunday lunch is a question mark. I think I will have to cook something from the freezer to empty it a bit. Somewhere in the shadows there is a family portion of veal that I could cook for Sunday lunch.

Have a good Friday, the end of the week, and make your plans for the week-end, although I prefer to be surprised and not so keen on everything being planned. Keep safe, avoid the dreaded coronus floating in the air and do not forget your masks, hoping they will work with facial recognition.

21 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Love the pictures and your trip around town. I live in Florida but my husband and I flew to Albany, New York to visit family. The airports and airplanes were almost empty so we felt as safe as a person can be. Hugs, Claudia

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    • We are not going anywhere at the moment as we have to go into quarantine afterwards for a couple of weeks according to where we were. Everything seems to be empty at the moment. even the stores when I go shopping.

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  2. A lovely ride! These days, a trip to the grocery store can be a welcome relief from social distancing, masks, and the threat of COVID-19. Of course, your experience at checkout reminds one that these are different times that require adjustments to routine.

    I recently went to a favorite restaurant to test my comfort level with these new routines. I ordered a pecan roll and a coffee, a token order in case I didn’t feel comfortable after all. The waitress arrived, maskless. I told her I was there to test my comfort level and was uncomfortable with her being maskless (and standing closer than two meters from me!). She noted they began wearing masks at the start of the pandemic but they were uncomfortable for a whole shift. I noted I was immunocompromised, that, again, I was there as a test of my comfort level, that staff masklessness made me uncomfortable. I left, and won’t be back any time soon. I won’t risk death for a pecan roll.

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    • We are now all wearing masks in the stores. I never go eating in restaurants in any case. But there is a problem. I have a phone with face recognition and it no longer knows who I am when I have my mask on. I have a code of course, which is not the problem. At the cash desk I pay with an app and that needs to know my face. The lady at the till laughed when I explained why I had to pull my mask down, to pay the bill. There are some things that are not taken into consideration. Otherwise everyone is masked inside, but outside not so much. Since yesterday we now have to be masked in the store, but do we have less cases of the virus? Of course not, at least not yet.


  3. Good Morning.
    Rhody is supposedly related to Jack Russel Terrier. So many of his particular mixed breed terrier appeared at about the same time around Monterey County that they were informally assigned their own breed designation – Monterey Jack. He is just Rhody to me.

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    • We were quite low in cases in our area, but since August it has increased rapidly and now we have to wear masks in our Kanton. Not all Kantons are the same. My No. 2 son lives in Schaffhausen and they have very few cases-


  4. Good afternoon, This Labor Day weekend so Monday is a holiday. Another heatwave is starting today and no rain in sight. You have given me a good picture of your life. Shave a stressfree evening.

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    • It is nice to get a long week-end, although our days seem to be full of week-ends. We had enough rain last sunday to last for a month, so I am glad it is now not raining. Friday evening is always stress free, so we just relax.

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  5. Absolutely beautiful photography, thank you for sharing! As a dog lover, I especially appreciated the photo of the Jack Russell! Have a lovely weekend.

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  6. Stones like that are even hard on the wheels of our car, much less a scooter. When we rode motorbikes, I was always very very careful on stones, gravel, or gratings. You could never be sure what the wheels would do.

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    • I know all the various varieties of paths in the area, what to avoid or not. The wheelchair manages the stony paths quite well, but the scooter not so much. I often wish more would be taken into consideration when the roads and Kerbs would be renewed


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