Good Morning

I would say another sunny day. However, after the surprise yesterday afternoon whenI left the store to find my scooter with its wet seat, I am not so sure. The mornings can be deceiving. Wben I embarked on my journey to the store yesterday afternoon I could feel that there was rain in the air.It was not in the weather forecast, but that has often been proved wrong. I met the guy outside the store that was arriving to pick up my shopping to bring it home for me. He has a large container fixed to his bike for the shopping but he said it looked like it could become a wet journey, although the sun had began to peek through.

On my way home through the town it was still damp, but the rain slowly gave up, although driving a scooter when it rains is not quite so good. There is no possibility to carry an umbrella and there is no cover. I do have a large rain cape which was given to me when I got the scooter, but I have never worn it. When I got home, Mr. Swiss says he always takes it with him and covers the scooter when it rains when he has to go inside a store. I decided a good idea, and you do not get a wet seat afterwards.

These musicians managed to find there shelter in the doorway to one of our large churches in town and he gave me a friendly wave as I took the photo. He came over for a few words afterwards. I think it was a local person, just having some fun with his friends playing their instruments and perhaps collecting some money for a student holiday somewhere.

I often listen to British radio during the morning and it is full of advertisements for flying to other countries for a holiday, which I do not really understand. Who really wants to go somewhere when you are confronted with two weeks isolation when you return home. One holiday country after the other is being added to the list of places not to go. Even Switzerland is now included. Our Corona virus is also going up and down constantly and every day there are more then 100 new cases.

When I reached my estate it was still looking quite gloomy although there was a promise of sun and it had at last stopped raining. After arriving I had a few things to deposit in my freezer down in the cellar. When I got back to the apartment the delivery man arrived with the large order I had made online and it was a lot. I was on my own with Mr. Swiss, so I spent the next half hour organising it all in the laundry room where I keep it all. There were eight packs of mineral water and pepsi cola, but I waited for my son to arrive to do the heavy work. Just as I was finishing he arrived so we dealt with the rest together. Now we are fixed up for the next month.

And now I should be moving on. Today is the day of fresh bed linen. I already began with my duvet and cushion cover and removed the linen from the bed, but have to continue with the rest. Otherwise I am hoping for a quiet afternoon, perhaps a short journey in the area. There is not rain prophesied for today, but I am leaning not to trust the forecast. My trousers are now dry from yesterday’s escapade.

So let us do the rest. I should finish the beds, in between have a shower and eventually do a walk with the hoover and mop through the home. I hope your day will be a good one. Do not forget your raincoats if it looks like rain, and remember to take your masks. Today is our first day of mask wearing by law in the stores and shopping areas. I bought another box yesterday for my son as he now has to do the right thing as well.

6 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning … so much interesting news. Great photos. The full moon is still high in the dark night sky here but the sun should be coming up in a half hour or so. Have a great day. SLP.

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    • I didn’t realise it was full moon. It might be a small town, but there is always something going on. I might have got wet, but still managed a few photos.


  2. That last picture looks like a tree of Heaven, Ailanthus altissima. I can not be certain. Several species exhibit similar pinnately compound foliage. It is a common naturalized species in urban and suburban areas. It was the tree in ‘A Tree Grows In Brooklyn’.

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  3. We got some rain yesterday too. Not enough, but anything was better than nothing. Now we’re back into a dry period. I hope it doesn’t last too long. Owen now does our shopping for us and he brought home a lot of fresh local vegetables today, so i cooked them. I love summer squash.

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    • It is gradually changing to early Autumn weather, but on the warmer side. We have had enough rain and now it is quite sunny. I notice how quickly it now gets darker in the evening. I now try to add a salad in the evening to the coldcuts.


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