Good Morning

A cloudy remainder from tne night, but no rain. Cooler than it was, but it is now September, time to think about preparing for Autumn. The leaves are not yet falling, but thinking about it and I notice their colours are no longer such an intensive green.

I was in action this morning when my alarm sounded off. Yes, we golden oldies also have an alarm. We cannot just sleep the day away and sometimes there are things to do, but only sometimes. This morning I had to drag myself down to our communal garage in the basement. My scooter battery was uploading through the night and I had to disconnect it as it would be ready to go. It was just a matter of disconnecting the uploading device and rolling the cable up, although it is no longer such an operation since our wonderful neighbour’s father-in-law, who is an electrician, organised it all for us.

Yesterday afternoon I wanted to go places for an excursion, but had the agony of choice. Should I go by electric wheelchair or use my scooter. As I wanted to explore parts of town where I do not often go I decided on the scooter. I was not on a shopping mission, just a look around. As I go on the straight stretch into town I always pass this villa. It has many memories and 51 years ago when No. 1 son was waiting to enter the world at the end of September, this was the house where my gynaecologist lived. He belonged to an old local family that did not live in houses, but in villas, He also had a holiday house in St. Moritz. The surgery was furnished with corresponding furniture in solid wood and with carpets where you sunk into them as you walked. I remember when my son was born, he did the birth in his shirt sleeves with a nice waistcoat: a real gentleman of the old guard. It was a coincidence that later on, after 20 years, we had moved to an apartment in town and our neighbour was his wife. Now an elderly lady, her husband had passed on some years before. She had a wonderful art collection of paintings, and was a real lady, but we got on very well with her. I think she was pleased to see my son as one of the results of her husband’s career.

I moved onto town and this time I steered my scooter down to the river bank to see if the restaurant mile still existed. It did of course, our town without the sidewalk cafés does is not possible.

There were still people sitting outside having a drink and socialising, but at a safe distance of course. Even the side alleys were occupied. On a Tuesday afternoon it was mostly housewives enjoying the atmosphere. I had not been in this part of town for some time. I noticed when driving along the river, that there were no birds to be seen. The gulls left in Spring, but I am sure they are now thinking about returning again for the Winter season.

In town there were a few people, golden oldies like myself, taking a stroll on a sunny afternoon amongst the tree decorations. By the end of the month the trees will probably be gone into Winter storage, but next year they will return.

The side streets were less populated, with just a few pedestrians and perhaps a bike travelleer, but they have a charm of their own with the old buildings on each side.

I must say I really enjoy my travels in town. Although I can no longer take a leisurely walk, I can still see things and meet people. I am not alone with my handicap and often another scooter or wheelchair traveller will cross my path. This does not go without a wave, a nod, or a greeting from each other. We have something in common and you do no feel so neglected and pushed to one side. People are very friendly and often greet with a smile as I wheel my way on.

And now I will fight my way on through the apartment with a little organisation. I have a new electric toothbrush to organise online as my Philips gave up the ghost yesterday evening. Even toothbrushes do not live for ever.

Have a good beginning to the week, may it be a good one and let us see how it progresses.

10 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Solothurn is such a lovely place. Or is this YOUR village (of which I’ve temporarily forgotten the name)? Great post; I repeat You should get paid by the tourist bureau for your flaunting the beauty and charm of your home town!

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    • It is mainly Solothurn. In our village of Feldbrunnen there are no landmarks Solothurn is the only place I see of interest. In my younger days I would take trips to Bern, Biel, even Neuchatel and in the far east to Zürich, where I even lived for two years in Kreis 3.

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  2. I love that you have to choose between your chair and your scooter. That’s very cool and your scooter looks like a lot of fun. If I could afford one … and had somewhere that was safe to use it … I’d get two — one for each of us. We rented them on vacation a couple of times and we had a lot of fun racing each other around the amusement park in Virginia.

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    • I got the wheelchair almost 3 years ago. That cost more than the scooter because it has more electronic apparently. Mr. Swiss decided on the Scooter when I stopped driving. I used it now and again and found it ideal for shopping as I could have an attachment for my walker. I had sold the car and we sold one of our two parking spaces, the funds were no problem. Our area is ideal for scooting around.


  3. Good day!
    Those windmill palms are among the most frost tolerant of palms. (I probably mentioned it before.) One lives in front of the home of my sister #5 near Seattle. The live in Oklahoma too. They probably get moved inside for the winter there only because they are potted. They would not be comfortable if their pots freeze solid. It happens to be one of my favorite of palms. There are a few seedlings here, as well as a nicely maturing specimen that I took from a client’s garden. (The native California fan palm is actually my favorite palm, but does not do so well here.)


    • You often see them growing in gardens in the Italian part of Switzerland throughout the year. They have a milder climate and see to do well. However we are further North on the other side of the slps, and our climate can be quite harsh in some winters. -15°C even happens now and again.

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