RDP Tuesday: Draconic

It is not quite draconic
Am not being laconic
But the Swiss are voting again
They opened a store
Where we can buy more
But our money is on the wane
To buy fighter jets
As tough as it gets
Some say it is luxury
We should all say yes
If we do it’s a guess
The jets are not for free
The decision is made
Decided on our grade
We do not need a flying show
This choice has no chance
Can be seen at a glance
The vote will be a mega No.

RDP Tuesday: Draconic

2 thoughts on “RDP Tuesday: Draconic

  1. The first time I was in Zürich, in a village near Kloten, some American made fighter jets flew over. My friend said, “By the time they get up to full speed they’re somewhere over Poland. So much for protecting Switzerland.”

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    • We bought a few planes from the States, Tiger from Northrop many years ago. I was then working and apparently the american company should buy Swiss products as a compensation business. We got our first order from America for our machine tools, but they had every excuse in the book not to buy them. they were all special executions with american measurements and Northrop were not satisfied. So much for compensation business.

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