FOWC with Fandango: Uncertain

Look what I found on the wall in the kitchen – a moth. The question is it a friendly moth that you ignore until it disappears on its own, or does it have an appetite on food that I might have in the cupboard. I decided it was one of the friendly sort that usually enjoys life outside in the grass and now and again makes an excursion inside.

I have had my experience with moths that like to live in my food packets, but this is now a thing of the past. I will not got into details, but suffice it to be said that I now keep my flour and other similar products in the freezer. It works very well and since then I have not seen anything flying in my food cupboard, or even worse, crawling. Their children are not the most attractive.

It is not a question of being clean or not. My kitchen opens out to the garden and some insects find that a shopping expedition for food.

FOWC with Fandango: Uncertain

RDP Tuesday: Draconic

It is not quite draconic
Am not being laconic
But the Swiss are voting again
They opened a store
Where we can buy more
But our money is on the wane
To buy fighter jets
As tough as it gets
Some say it is luxury
We should all say yes
If we do it’s a guess
The jets are not for free
The decision is made
Decided on our grade
We do not need a flying show
This choice has no chance
Can be seen at a glance
The vote will be a mega No.

RDP Tuesday: Draconic

Good Morning

I really am late this morning. The cleaning lady arrived and was busy for me and then I realised it would be a good idea to make my monthly large order at the store online. I really had enough time, but I had to concentrate. I like to stock up on supplies at home so that I do not have so much to get during the month. It is now done and will be delivered tomorrow early evening. I also had to start cooking dinner in between. It really became one big stress. And then I wanted to get my morning sky photo. Things are brightening up and the sun is already here. Yesterday was a dull day and it closed with a shower of rain, but now we are rain free.

I did manage to get rainfree into town yesterday to the store for a few items. I had a plan to make a green bean salad to accompany the cold cuts with the evening meal. Mr. Swiss helped me to prepare them and I let them cook whilst I was preparing meat balls to freeze. I will only have to let them thaw when I want to cook them in my special tomato sauce, probably some time at the week-end. It does help to save time when making lunch. I then had to make the salad sauce for the beans. Everyone enjoyed it, and I was glad it was done. It became a busy afternoon after the shopping, but I was finished before the evening meal and I could concentrate on a bit of computer work afterwards.

Now this building looks quite official. It is our local headquarters for the Swiss Army, not that you see and soldiers hanging around. It is where all the organisation and office work is done and the only time we go there is when you are army business like paying any bills or giving up documents. The only sign is the flag on the top of the entrance to show how official it is.

As I left town I took a shot at the entrance to our old fortifications on the end of town. I often wonder who really wanted to attack. I think our area built it all so that they were not left out, as all the other towns were building them as well. Anyhow today it is very peaceful with some nice gardens and trees.

And now I must really go. Lunch is cooking (chopped beef in a sauce with veg and saffron rice and my son will be home in a few minutes. Have a good day everyone, see you this afternoon when things will be less a stress, I hope.