Good Morning

At last no rain and there is even some blue sky, although it is not quite sure if it will remain. As long as it is dry I do not mind. Yesterday I was expecting that guy to arrive that starts collecting animals, two by two, for his boat. I could hear hammering in the distance.

Today should be more or less a wet free day, although I saw a few small blue rain spots on the weather rain chart. Needless to say I stayed at home yesterday, which is very rare for me. I usually manage to get some fresh air from somewhere.

However I made myself busy in the kitchen. I had to make do with what I had, but with some flour, butter, sugar and raisins I managed to compose a few muffins. I added some lemon juice for flavour. I think today they a known as muffins, we just called them little cakes in the olden days. I prefer the smaller cakes because they take no time to compose and to bake. Mr. Swiss and No. 1 son are quite happy with them.

I had a look around in the garden this morning and saw that it will soon be apple picking time: not quite yet, but at the end of September I should have quite a harvest, so it looks like it will be Swiss apple tarts for the rest of the year.

My black eyed Susans are also doing quite well. I also found this one.

According to my plant app it is an arnica. I usually associate arnica as a medicine for applying on injuries to ease the pain, but I suppose like most medicines it originates in the world of nature.

Today I will be off to the store to get a few provisions. I was studying my online ordering shop this morning to see how they are with fresh meat. I noticed it is quite a good system and nicely packed for freezing. I was also checking through a few recipes on my online connection

Betty Bossi

which is the Swiss cooking bible and where i get most of my recipes. They are quite good, have a monthly magazine with new recipes, and always good for a new idea. I have the german version, but I believe there is an english language edition, although I have never found it. I have quite a few of the cookery books and their kitchen appliances are also quite good.

I am mentally preparing for Winter when I perhaps cannot get to the stores so often if we have Swiss Winter conditions with snow and ice, so want to stock up at home with food for the freezer and otherwise.

There is not a lot happening here currently, just waiting for the weather to clear up. I will now be organising the masks for the family for this week. If we want to go into town in a store, we must wear them from 3rd September. I have enough problems remembering the names of people I know and meet. If they all have face coverings, I will not recognise them either.

I am late enough this morning so I will move on. Keep safe, take it easy, and have a good week. See you around.


24 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Funny how they call things muffins nowadays, when once we had buns, or little cakes that were really the same thing. You remind me of my grandparents’ farm when you talk about your apple harvest. My grandmother used to wrap the good apples in newspaper and store them in boxes for use throughout the year. We were never short of apple pie. Yummy! Have a nice day and a goiod week Pat.

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  2. I can hardly wait to see how you do Apple Tarts … I am sure they are going to be terrific. The buns look good already. I will look in your Swiss Cookbook. Thanks for the link, It is finally beginning to cool off here and not a moment too soon. Have a great day. SLP …

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  3. Good afternoon, the muffins look good, I notice you didn’t used any eggs, is that correct? I was reminded that I want get my recipes together and show. A couple are from my maternal grandmother and her ancestors brought from France. I won my first blue ribbon when I a teen.
    Our heat wave broke yesterday but no rain. Have a rainfree day and stay safe.

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  4. I’ll swap you our warm sunshine for a few days of your rain! The rain falls and it’s very spotty, so it may rain in town — a couple of miles away — but no here. Very patchy and the trees are having a hard time. I leave out bowls of water for the birds and squirrels and they come and drink. All the water holes are dried up. I bet once it starts raining, it will forget to stop!

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    • No longer raining here, but the heatwave days of summer are over although they predict warmer weather at the weekend. I am sure your local animals are glad for your water supply


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