RDP Saturday: Glitch

There is a glitch in the weather, the programme does not seem to be working. Yesterday it was raining all day. No it was not raining, it was pouring down. This morning it was dry, no rain, but did not look very promising. However, I decided to go into town to complete the shopping that I could not complete yesterday due to the rain. Yesterday I was forced to take the train, but today I made an appointment with my scooter.

The first annoyance was when someone rang our doorbell as I was hugging the bed after lunchtime. Admittedly I was thinking about leaving the bed, but now I had no choice. Mr. Swiss got to the door before me, he was more awake, and discovered there was no-one there, although our neighbour was in the process of closing his door. Did he push the wrong bell, or did he forget his key?

I was now awake and got ready to go, looking forward to an excursion into town. I set off, opened the garage door and was welcomed by rain. I did not have a raincoat on and no head covering but decided to risk it all the same. It dripped until I reached the store and then it stopped. Luckily it was not too bad and I was just a little wet at the edges. It stopped raining and I managed the home run. A day full of glitches and this time I could not blame it on the computer.

RDP Saturday: Glitch

4 thoughts on “RDP Saturday: Glitch

  1. OH I hope you made it back OK and did not get too wet … we have a hurricane here currently .. it has moved in from the Gulf of Mexico and now is moving across the country, with rain and wind but thankfully no longer hurricane force winds. Have a great weekend … SLP …

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