Good Morning

According to the satellite photo on my weather app, our village will today be rain free, as well as the surrounding area. It seems that the Italian part of Switzerland will be getting it all. Yesterday it was rain everywhere in our area, actually in complete Switzerland.

I was not very happy as I had a week-end shopping trip and no way was I going on my scooter or the wheelchair. It only rained once all day, but did a good job of it. Mr. Swiss had to go to the dentist. It started raining when he arrived there, so had a rather wet journey home. I took the train to the store which was only along the road.

I decided it was time that I discovered how to get a multi-journey card from the machine. It would be cheaper and I would only have to renew it after six journeys. After playing with the machine I was eventually successful and now have my card for future occasions. I have a feeling that me and the train connection will become familiar during the Winter. I do not even bother to sit in the train, can support myself with my walker, and after two minutes I am at my destination, where the store is.

The local store is not as large as the main one in town, but they have very fresh vegetables. The main difference I find is the meat department. It is all packed meat and I like to choose my meat over the counter and order what I need and not have to take more because of the packing. However, I have now solved that problem. I now have a machine for vacuuming goods at home and so I just vacuum the extra that I do not need and freeze it for another time. Yesterday I wanted slices of pork but they only had one packet of three and quite thickly cut: naturally to sell more. I then saw a kilo pork roast of the same cut. When I got home I sliced and froze it for two meals, saving money and choosing a better cut of meat. I think I am becoming fussy in my golden oldie days, but I have nothing better to do when in the supermarket.

Our local store is never overcrowded and there is plenty of space (and time) to move around and choose what you need. It was still raining outside when I left the store, but my train home soon arrived.

I even had the opportunity to take a few photos, but whilst waiting at the train stop I only got views of traffic along the road. I notice there is a lot of heavy transport at the moment carrying various machines. Probably everyone is now hurrying to get the tough jobs done before the cold and snowy Winter weather arrives. Last year we only had one snow fall which did not bother me. I am hoping this year will be the same. Sometimes climate change does have its advantages.

The train arrived again and I was soon back in he village. I usually need more time to walk to my home that the actually train journey. The first sight I see is our chidren’s playground which was naturally deserted in the miserable weather. In the background you can see an apartment block. It has been there for many years and it seems it is now getting a complete revision with crane help and all the trimmings.

I was glad to arrive home and escape from the wet weather. Mr. Swiss was also home after his dental expedition. I got my food organised when it arrived and organised the evening meal. Afterward I sat at the computer, but had absolutely no creative energy for writing very much, so gave up and had an early evening with the TV.

If you can believe the weather forecast today will be no great rain showers in our area so I am really hoping to get into town this afternoon, just for a quickie to get some bread and a bottle of cooking wine. Tomorrow will be a rainy Sunday, but that does not bother me so much. I think I will have a pyjama Sunday – go nowhere and do nothing.

With a last glance at the station clock from our village, I wish you all a good day, and if possible with no rain. Enjoy the week-end beginning and hope to see you around.

12 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good afternoon, it is cooler today but no rain. The weekend is for relaxing as our caregiver doesn’t come. She leaves food ready to eat. I need to get and get myself some food. Went shopping yesterday and got a color sweater and new a bathroom scale. Have a fun pajama day.

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  2. Your posts make me smile and appreciate how every person has their own wonderful stories everyday! I hope the day was rainfree indeed and you managed to get that cooking wine! Pyjama Sunday sounds amazing, I might do the same myself 😊 Have a nice weekend!

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    • It wasn’t entire rain free, but there was only a little bit of wet and I managed to get my bottle of wine for cooking with. I am not sure about the payjamas tomorrow, the neighbours might start talkimg if I appear in the garden in my nightdress, but it will be a rainy one tomorrow. glad you like my daily events.


  3. Everyone is in high gear here, too. The weather has turned cooler and finally, it’s raining. Suddenly, everyone is trying to get their outdoor jobs done before winter hits. Of course, last year we had a very mild winter, but there’s no guaranteeing what we’ll have this year. They are digging up the main roads in and out of town again. They keep redoing the same work which is replacing a long run of sewer pipes. But they never seem to get it right, so that section of road is always all chopped up. I can’t believe we are heading int autumn. Where was summer?

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    • The season is gradually changing here too. Reminders of putting on the heating and dressing a little warmer. Everything is quite wet at the moment. This summer there was not so much repair work and I also noticed that a couple of the public flowerbeds were not organized this year, I think It might have to do with Kovid. It has certainly been a summer with a difference


  4. Since I have been home, so much of the traffic on the road out front is trucks moving big machinery to combat what remains of the fire. There are firefighters here from all over the place too, and some are accommodated in the lodges and cabins where I work. No one else is using them until groups can start coming back here.

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