Good Morning

Looks like the planes took over this morning. When I looked up for a cloud or two I saw this interesting pattern of traces left behind by the planes that fly overhead. Most of them are from Zürich Airport which is about 120 kilometres to the East, but some are just planes passing through. Almost an hour later there are still new ones appearing. Looks like travel is beginning again as we are having to get used to living with Covid 19.

Otherwise nothing really special happening here. It seems the new WordPress block system has now got into my blood stream whether I like it or not. I do not mind, but sometimes too much choice is not so good. I have now got used to where the various blocks are on the system, but now and again they invent a new one which pushes them all into a different position in their scheme, meaning I have to search for the one I want.

There is a lot of talk of it all being based on encouraging business on the web site. This may be, my only business being cleaning the apartment and looking after the family and perhaps my orchids. I have never visited a business site and do not intend to. I get some strange messages on my blogs now and again, so just a word of warning. If anyone anywhere writes “nice blog” and visit mine, supplying his web address, it will be removed from my comments. I visit many other blogs because I want to and not because someone tells me to. Any remarks on my blogs which look a little strange are removed. It is my blog and I decide what is there.

Yesterday I was again in town for some shopping. I parked my scooter, as always, in front of the store. It is on the row where people park their bikes, so sometimes it can get quite crowded with a bike on either side, but I am now getting used to the routine. Here you can see my walker next to the scooter which I can take with me by hanging it onto the back of the scooter, which is ideal. I can now walk around in the store and choose what I need and I can also take our empty plastic bottles with me to put in the recycling bin. I must say my 10 kilometres an hour speed now gets me to the store in 15 minutes. I also get some nice scenery to see on the way.

I always scooter past our war memorial: not such an impressive statue, but there is a flower bed next to it. Astonishing that we actually have one, not really officially partaking in any wars, being neutral.

I noticed they had left the door to our Jesuit church open, so I got a peep at the inside. If it is again left open I might just make a stop, unsaddle my walker, and make a visit to the inside for a few photos. I have not been inside for some years. When No. 2 son belonged to the cathedral choir he would perform Bach’s Christmas Oratorio there. It was really good surrounded by the wonderful inside architecture. I am not a church going person, but enjoy the atmosphere. Sorry the photo is a bit dark and you can only see the reflection from the gold coloured ornament, but the doors are quite interesting.

There are aways people relaxing in town on the various benches supplied, and sometimes even sitting on the ground. This is a our so-called Bare Feet alley (Barfüssergasse) although do not ask me why. It is full of little shops, mainly boutiques and special suppliers and I remember many years ago my hairdresser was there.

I got my two bags full of groceries, deposited them at the store to be brought home by our delivery organisation and travelled on home.

One of my last views of the town was another narrow alley with its small shops and restaurants. I do not often wheel down them in my scooter as it can get a little bumpy on the cobblestoned paths.

Yesterday evening I uploaded my wheelchair and will probably be off on a small excursion this afternoon, but this time in the countryside more. I have organised our gardener to come today. It is time to have our hedges cut for the last time before the colder weather arrives and generally have everything tidied up.

I wish you all a good day, may the weather be with you and death to all hairy peas drifting in the air and causing health problems. Our corona cases seem to go and up and down in our area, but compared to other countries, Switzerland is managing.

19 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • It is an orgnisation and they pick up from any store and deliver to your home. Of course the idea is to pick from one store at a time. If I buy stuff at 2 stores, then each store will call them to pick up the goods. I pay 250 Swiss francs a year for the service, It serves a good purpose, because the guys that do it find no other work, or they might be students earning money. They are very nice and polite guys and I find it a good system.

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  1. Pat, you know you can type the name of the block that you are looking for in the search bar at the top and it pops right up, don’t you? I’ve had trouble getting photos to upload and they are always on the left instead of centered. It may be because, with the help of WP support, I’ve customized my theme. Must admit, I’m using Classic system Until I can sort this out.

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    • Thanks for the tip with the search bar. I usually find what I want, but if they change the organisation I have to search for it. I am using only the new block system, and find it quite good. I have had no problem with my photos. Google goes automatically, and Flickr is just a matter of getting used to it. My photos are always centered, although I always used the same size.


  2. Good Afternoon, our social service stopped by today to check on us. It is a little cooler this but still moderate quality. The parts for the airflow machine can today so that should help. Your service delivery sounds like a good idea. The grocery stores tried here and it didn’t over. Now you can order online and pick up at the store. Enjoy your evening whatever you decide to do. Stay safe.

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    • Todbangster our gardener came and now I have a nice, tidy garden. The Organisation that brings my groceries goes to any store and brings them home. They are very good and prompt. Haveva good day

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  3. I am so distracted with the ongoing refinance. It’s not going slowly because we are slow. It’s going slowly because rates are so low, they are overloaded. But now we are down to the final 72 hours. I’m exhausted. i may stop blogging for a few weeks while we get ourselves sorted out. There’s a lot of work to be done, a lot of bills to be paid and reorganized and I’m totally beat. You look like your life is nicely under control. I envy that!

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    • I am sorry you have so many problems to solve, and I can understand you taking a break from blogging. I must admit I also have a few problems and time is one of them. Looking after the household, family and shopping is a little too much sometimes. I wish you better days.


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