FOWC with Fandango: Nerd

I think I am becoming an orchid nerd. I would buy one now and again. They flower for at least three months, and you always have something at home. I kept the spent plants, hoping that they would flower again, but they never did. I should have thrown them away and not kept them.

However I put them outside on the porch and almost forgot them, until……, I noticed that there was a strange bump on a stalk. And then another spent orchid followed and also had bumps. They all had bumps and now 1-2 months later they all have flowers. Now the problem is that I have almost no room for my flowering orchids. I still have two orchids that are just stalks. That was until I took a closer look today and discovered that they too are producing flower bumps.

The local store has a new selection of orchids. Up to now I have resisted, but I am sure I could find a space somewhere.

FOWC with Fandango: Nerd

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