RDP Wednesday: Instinct

I had a cat called Fluffy, he was the man of the pack with the other two cats who were females, but he was the smallest: a Selkirk Rex breed which meant that he had curly fur. Unfortunately he was blind after an accident, so we had to be careful and not let him roam on his own and usually had an expanadble dog lead attached to his collar which we hung onto a pole ouside in the garden. He had quite a wide range for walking outside.. Inside he seemed to know where everything was.

He would jump on and off a chair, find his food and water with no problem, as well as his recycling box. I think he did it all by smell, but am not so sure. If we changed the furniture, shifted a chair or table, he was confused for half an hour, but soon found the way again. Was it instinct? Who knows, instinct is the word we often used when we have no other explanation.

RDP Wednesday: Instinct

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