Good Morning

A dramatic sky this morning. Now it is blue everywhere and the clouds have disappeared, but if you are early enough you can get something a little different. It looks like it will be a good one today, a good beginning to the week.

By the way I am still getting on well with the new block system and have began to get a little adventurous. It was really a matter of getting into the routine. Basically I do not really find it slower than the old system. The slowest part for me is finding the bits and pieces I like to use, photos and html mainly. There is such a large choice. This morning my google free account which I used mainly for inserting photos in WordPress told me that my limit is now reached for my photo archives. I knew it would come one day, and I suppose when you have so many photos it happens sooner or later. However, for 2 Swiss francs monthly I can continue, so I decided it would be worth it. I have so few costly hobbies.

Yesterday I went for a wheelie in the local area. On Sunday there is never very much happening in town, but in the country there is always something to see. There used to be a herd of cattle on the meadow, but since the hot weather arrived, the farmer only lets them out at night. However there are always three lucky cows that can enjoy the meadow during the day, or perhaps they are there for me to take photos.

I wandered up to the animal farm and stables and met the two geese that live there. I also met a lady who lives on the farm and she told me that the two geese are not related, and moved in when they were younger. They are now growing up together. I remember when one of them was younger and quite fluffy. It has now lost its first feathers and growing. Animal life on a farm is still fascinating for me, especially after growing up in London where you only saw cats and dogs and pigeons. Farm animals were only seen on holiday or on the TV.

There were also a few of the silky chickens walking around. They are kept separate from the the “normal” laying hens as something special, although they also lay eggs. Apparently their hobby is brooding so probably their eggs will hatch eventually. They also have their own rooster(s) to ensure that it happens,

The goat pair were also present although this year there are no baby goats: perhaps next year.

Eventually my tour was finished and it was time to go home, although I have no real timetable. I usually go through the cemetery to get to the farm and when I return.

I noticed that the corn is now getting higher. It is usually the last crop to be removed in Autumn. It is not corn for human consumption, but more for the animals. Sweet corn is something people grow in their own private gardens.

I eventually arrived home after a very rewarding journey. I just need my fresh air in the afternoon. I met very few people on the way and almost have the place to myself.

By the way I actually baked my cakes yesterday morning. They were raspberry-cranberry cakes and were not too bad. I think the last time I baked anything sweet was at least five years ago. The only problem I had were the fruit flies that quickly discovered them, so I have to keep them covered and make sure they are eaten quickly which will be no great problem. I discovered I can still do it.

And now to begin the week again. I have a visit to the store this afternoon, with my scooter of course, but otherwise nothing special to do. May you also have a good start to the week. Yesterday I had a quick flashback, but really only quick, to the days when I was a member of the work force and Sunday evening was never a good evening knowing that you had to get up early and go to work the next day. Now I am a golden oldie and those days are past. Here I am on a Monday morning typing on my computer for a Good Morning blog and planning a morning with no stress.

12 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. The silky chicken is quite pretty. Your raspberry cakes look delicious, Pat. I usually leave a few out to eat and freeze the rest. Such a treat to have something special stashed away!

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  2. Good Morning.
    The morning here, although bad, is better than it had been. The fires that were in such a hurry to get to town have stagnated on the edges of the various towns, and are now burning out. Two of my properties burned yesterday, and one of them contained a bunch of important stock fig trees, but that is trivial compared to the homes to the east that were not damaged.

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