13 thoughts on “FOTD 24th August 2020: Delosperma

  1. It is a succulent, and one of a few species that are known as iceplants. The foliage of some types is very slightly sparkly, as if coated with ice crystals. The more common iceplant that lives on the beaches and freeway embankments is not really an iceplant.

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    • This one is growing in a box set in a wall. I think my mum called everything that was a succulent an ice plant, but this is now the real ice plant. We do not have any beaches unfortunately. I only see them if somone has it in their garden, they are not so common here unfortunately. They are very attractive.

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      • The species that is so common here is probably not grown there, since it is sensitive to frost. The real iceplants are sensitive too, but can live in pots and planters that can be brought inside for the winter, or planted new in spring. They really are flashy when they get to blooming!

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