RDP Sunday: Carpet

We once had a wisteria in our front garden. It looked wonderful when it flowered. The rains came and it was no longer so wonderful. Afterwards we were left with a wet carpet of wisteria petals covering the ground. I am sure the wisteria wanted to take over. Our daylight during the summer was quite limited during the day. We had three bedrooms on this side and not very much light.

And then the wisteria began to wander. It had already taken over in the garden, but now it climbed to the balcony belonging to the neighbour on the next floor. She was happy, finding a wisteria climbing over her balcony would be a positive addition to her balcony decoration. I told her it must be removed as I was having visions of the complete block being covered in wisteria. The trunk was already bending its supports in my garden and I dreaded to think what it would do to her balcony. I cut it down, but it grew back the next year and everyone in the neighbourhood was admiring the wisteria again.

It was when a strange hollow appeared near the roots that I was wondering what could happen next. I called the gardener and he found that a mouse and its family had probably built a home in the roots. Needless to say it was the death sentence of my wisteria and I had it completely removed.

We had light again, the messy carpet of flowers did not reoccur, although the wisteria had not given up. I had three new plants appearing in the lawn in the garden. I removed them. this was about twelve years ago, and it has not been seen since. I won the battle agains the wisteria.

RDP Sunday: Carpet

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