3 thoughts on “FOTD 23rd August 2020: Sweet Pea

  1. They do that sometimes. I have taken seed from the white ones, but they either do not germinate, or grow into plants that bloom pink. (Only a few grew, and only where unplanned.) I found a white blooming vine at work that I will dig up and can as it dies back this autumn. I can then relocate it to a more prominent situation. It is not as pretty as the pink, but I like it because it is white. There are a few on the roadside that bloom with double flowers. There was one in my former neighborhood that was both white and double. I prefer the single white.

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      • Problems? White is nice too, especially if you like a mix of color.
        The annual sweet peas bloom in all sorts of colors, and are fragrant, but I no longer grow them. I used to send seed to my niece who really likes them, even though they bloom only briefly. Perennial peas last longer here, and grow wild on the roadsides and such.

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