RDP Friday: Surviving

Will I survive the blocks
Yes I can do it if I try
We now write in blocks
They reach to the sky
One on top of the other
We build our own house
Just choose the right block
by wiggling your mouse
There is no virus
in this new way
But you might lose your temper
When the blocks decide to stray
Just follow the codes
I know there are many
It’s the luck of the draw
Just try to be trendy
You can use the old system
Although that is now new
They said it would help
But it brings it askew
Forget all the blocks
They do what they will
Who invented this system
Was it his own free will?
Perhaps he had a dream
That we were all Bill Gates
I think he was wrong
We are not all his mates

RDP Friday: Surviving

15 thoughts on “RDP Friday: Surviving

    • At first I tried to do it with the old system which is also available in the new one, but I had too many problems, so I decided to only use the new one. I was not happy about it, but I must say, just follow your nose and you will get there. It is strange at first, but now I am getting along fine. the only problem I have is that there are so many boxes, I have to find the right one to click on. Afterwards it does the job perfectly. Good luck

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      • I have found that when I start a new paragraph a new text block automatically appears so it’s just a matter of inserting photos. I’ve learned to use the little arrows to move blocks around if I want to change the order too. It’s not too bad when you get used to it.


  1. I’ve been avoiding the whole block thing, but I like your positive poem about it. And you don’t look like you’re about to smash your computer in annoyance! Avoiding aggravating experiences is usually my goal so I’ve been ignoring the change requests so far.

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  2. Haha very apt. How many times do you press delete and return over and over. Then it’s no that’s not the right block. What used to take 45 minutes now takes three hours 😖

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    • Actually I am getting on very well with the block system and ignore making new blocks. They just seem to make themselves. I once did a web assistant course some years ago in my younger days and even made my own web page about Bethnal Green. I also did a web page for our village first aid group of which I was a member and also their accountant for six years. I have always used a bit of HTML on my site which is quite a help, although I am no expert.


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