Good Morning

It looks like the block system is still working for me, although when I fire it up in the morning I am hoping that I can still do it. Mr. Swiss tells me that there is no computer system that can conquer me, but I am not sure. This after I did have quite an excited tantrum when I realised that this new system was being forced on me. However, if you cannot beat them, then join them, and I am finding my way. Writing and photos goes just as fast as ever. I waste more time in searching for the right symbol for the stuff, but with time that will become routine, I hope.

Oh, and this morning is looking quite good. Another sunny day, with a pleasant breeze outside on the porch this morning. Yesterday I exiled myself for the afternoon: a sort of voluntary lockdown, isolation. I had my usual sleep after lunch, which is usually an hour, but after a semi exhausting morning in cooking spaghetti and putting fresh linen on the beds I was a little tired and hugged my bed for most of the afternoon. I did not have to go to town, did not bother with the graveyard or castle, and my camera stayed at home with me.

The last time I was in town I was more in the business section where the store is. I took a photo of this newer buiding, although it has been there for the past five years. It is various offices and below there is also a supermarket. Perhaps nothing special, the usual concrete building, but I remember how it was before. There was a small garage and even an old house where a colleague of mine lived.

Thank goodness our older buildings are still under protection and are not allowed to be removed, to keep the general characteristics of our town.

Otherwise you will have to make do with my local photos, but even they have their charm. I have a plastic box with my grapes on the table outside. It has become a place for homeless wasps, but I leave it there. They do no harm and are only interested in a constant food supply. They are a little difficult to photograph amongst the grapes, but now and again one of them goes exploring and this one decided to have a closer look at my orchid on the table outside. At last I managed to get a detailed view of its pullover with all the stripes. I discovered even its legs are yellow.

Otherwise I took a few shots of my orchids. I am so proud of them for flowering the second time again. A few months ago they were just bare stalks and the the stalks began to grow and develop a few lumps which became buds for a new generation of flowers.

Now they are all flowering together and I almost have no space on the table for all of them. I think it happened because they were outside getting enough light and it has been a nice warm summer. I had them in a shady place and feed them regularly with fertiliser.

My white orchids still had flowers from March, but were beginning to droop and fall. However, even this orchid decided to join the club and produced fresh buds on three stalks.

Today I must go to the store to get supplies for the week-end. My scooter battery is now full power and I will be speeding along at my 10 kilometres an hour. Hope I do not get a speeding ticket.

And now to depart to further assignments. I have some ironing to do on the duvets and pillow cases from my bed linen wash.

Keep safe everyone, enjoy the day. The week-end is not far away.

9 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. That wasp shot is exceptional! So clear and detailled. I’ve found that ‘our visitors’ love a small bit of ham or meat and I put it some distance away from our plates so that we are less bothered. Also, a tip from the my observation during the last storm: We didn’t see a single wasp when we dined during the heavy rain fall and I figured that wasps don’t like the rain. Now I have a little water pump I also use to discourage the visiting cats (there are now at 5 coming regularly to see if they can sneak into the appartment!). The wasps come, I spray the air lightly and after the 2nd or 3rd light burst they take off…. and we finish our meal in peace!

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    • They have often helped themselves to some ham from our table when we were eating. At the moment they live in the plastic box with the grapes, so I let them get on with it. They do not bother me so much and if they leave me alone, I leave them alone.

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  2. Your photos are so beautiful. Perhaps the local art guild or photography club would have interest to take some of your orchid shots and make them very big, like 2 by 3 meters in size and have an exhibition? That would be so interesting …. they are so fascinating … have a great weekend … SLP …

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  3. Good Morning!
    There are not so many historic building here because California is not as old as Europe, and there were not many buildings that were build to last back when California was starting out. There really was not much here just two centuries ago. Many of the big cities were relatively small towns just one century ago.
    Sadly, some historic buildings in Big Basin Redwoods State Park burned yesterday.

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      • My old Parish in San Luis Obispo was built in 1777, during the Spanish Period. The other Missions were built at about the same time. They are the oldest ‘buildings’ in California, and there were originally only thirteen of them between Sonoma (north of San Francisco) and San Diego. Most are gone now. They are quite utilitarian in architecture. The only indications that anyone was here prior to that are shellmounds, which are piles of shells and other debris that were left by the Chumash and other people who lived in the region. They built nothing that was intended to be permanent.

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