RDP Wednesday: Legacy

Sorry but this is just plain ridiculous. I wanted to tell you that my legacy here in the blogging world are my photos, which are also on my computer. They have become part of my life. Where I go my camera comes as well. However my owl in the garden now expresses my feelings. I have been swindled into working with this block system.

Being a golden oldie I am not happy about change, but computers everywhere think they are doing us a favour when the bring something new and improved. It is a signal of modern life and I do not want or need change. And so I am looking bewildered through the block jungle and ask what is this all about.

I saw somewhere we can still use the old system and I am now looking for it. Perhaps I might find it, but one thing is certain. I am not prepared to play around for an hour searching for it. WordPress you can stick your block system where it belongs, on the rubbish heap. I do not need your new developments. I stay with my owl and look on.


16 thoughts on “RDP Wednesday: Legacy

    • Thanks, I was following your block for instructions and found it, but I am not happy. A lot of fiddling around and nothing works as it used to. I really have no time for this game.


  1. I remember how WP was when I started this what, some 8 years ago? A lot simpler and straightforward without nearly as much “clicking” involved. I use blocks; I don’t care. If it’s what’s there, I’ll use it. I don’t have to like it or not, but what I DON’T like is that new “My Home” which is just a place for WP to advertise stuff that costs money (and an additional click). It’s all just stuff to satisfy something I don’t seem to have as part of my nature.

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