Good Morning


The sky really did not look so friendly this morning with a dense grey cover. However, when I took the photo it had began to clear a little and now an hour later we have a blue sky and the clouds have disappeared to somewhere else. It is also warming up a little, but thank goodness no longer the intense heat wave that we had.


I was off to the store yesterday and here you see the view of town when I enter from the street that goes around the town. It is one of the main squares where our local government buildings are situated. Below there is the three story parking and you can see the exit on the left of the photo.

I had quite a list for meat which I wanted to put in storage in my freezer. They vacuum it at the store when requested and all I have to do is to freeze it afterwards. I had some fresh veg to get and bread and that was that. Today I do not have to go anywhere as I have enough food until Friday lunchtime. although I will make a trip to the chemist to pick up some medicine for Mr. Swiss. I do not think I have ever been so well organised with my shopping since I have been married. Naturally when the kids were still kids and we were working, things were different, but leading the life of a golden oldie, I have now simplified it considerably, especially as both Mr. Swiss and I are no longer so mobile. My only problem is rain, and as I  left the apartment yesterday in my scooter there were raindrops falling on my head. However there were so few that I could count them, and after 30 seconds they stopped, never to be seen again: strange weather sometimes.

I have now got the routine with my scooter. I have two gears, the slow one and the fast one. At the beginning I did not trust myself to used the fast gear as I was still getting used to it. However, I am now in the routine and with the faster gear reach town in about 10 minutes instead of half an hour. The nice thing about driving the scooter is that you can just change the pace you need with the press of a button. I am really enjoying my scooter.  And now that I can attach my walker, it makes it even more easy to collect the shopping in the supermarket. I do not have to carry it home, the so-called collectors group pick it up at the store and bring it home.

I still use the electric wheelchair for local trips and gradually I really do not miss my car. I suppose the idea of having a car would be to make journeys to places afar, but I never did that because to be quite honest, I never enjoyed driving, it was just a necessity.


So what else did I see in town yesterday? As I crossed the square before turning to the street where the store is I had a view of our reform church and one of our towers. The tower also contains a small theatre, although at the moment due to corona there are no events. The actual square is decorated with a fountain arrangement and here you see a cyclist on his way. Of course bikes should be used on the roads, but it bothers no-one here when you have enough space,


Town is almost traffic free. There are just cars to deliver hotel guests, which are few at the moment and to deliver goods to the stores. I drove through town myself in my car days, but it is quite a narrow thing, and not really two-way traffic. You just have to be patient when entering or leaving through our entrances, but we never seem to have accidents is town. It is all done with a nod or hand signal, all very friendly. By the way the building on the extreme right is our Army headquarters for office work and where the chief sits. I used to have to go there to pay our military tax. Mr. Swiss was exempt from army duty for health reasons, but you had to pay a special military tax to compensate which was not very cheap and you had to pay it in cash so that it could be entered in his book, although perhaps now, forty years later, things have changed.


And that was yesterdays excitement for me. I left town and scootered on to my village, seeing the local castle from the path I took at the side of the local road railway tracks. I know I am always taking photos of this castle, but it deserves it. It is not every village that has a castle in the back yard, and with a field of sunflowers at the moment, although they will soon be harvested.

Have a good day everyone, take care of your computers, and take care of yourselves. Avoid the dreaded hairy peas floating around in the air and do not forget your masks for the mysterious look.

12 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. OH all your pictures are just so fascinating .. it is nice with the old architecture … everything here is so modern, but not cool modern like Sweden or Holland … but boxy modern like 1950’s build it and forget it … some of the buildings that are not all that old they are tearing down and building new ones with glass exteriors that are energy efficient and have no internal walls .. it think for offices it is easier to wire them for computers etc if there are no internal fixed walls, dunno … also with the germ thing they are rethinking air circulation … it is all so fascinating .. .but you can’t go wrong with keeping the old stuff .. that’s my view … I think in the olden times the rulers must have listened to the architects more than they do today … or maybe the architects had more practical attitudes about design .. or maybe a bit of both … dunno .. .anyway … have a great day … keep takin’ and sharin’ those pictures … SLP …

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    • Unfortunately old buildings are also being removed for the glass palaces, but our town has a lot of protected buildings. Whe I think how Zürich has changed in the 50 years I have been in Switzerland.


  2. Good Morning!
    The blue sky is pretty. I have not seen it in a while.It is very smoky here now, and Boulder Creek just a few miles away is being evacuated because of an advancing wildfire. I am in the Santa Clara Valley now, but am watching the news.

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      • Yes. Fire was a natural component of the ecosystem here before so many people lived here. The native people did nothing more about it than get out of the way. Now that so many people live here, the fires are suppressed, which, over the past century or so, has caused the region to become even more combustible. During the same time, more people inhabited forested regions.

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