Good Morning


This was morning a couple of hours ago, not very much has changed since. The sun is more active and the clouds have got together, a bit more compact, but lots of blue sky in between, so what could be better. I am sitting outside at 11.00 am in the morning, my housework done, dinner cooking and the cleaning lady is busy with the once weekly thorough cleaning of the shower and bathroom and my kitchen, so what could be better.


Now and again I hear a plane winging its way across Switzerland. We are on the main flight route to Zürich airport, although some planes are just passing on their way to and from other countries. I caught this one yesterday when going for a wheelie in my chair through our village.


And here is a view across the Rive Aare that flows at the bottom of our village.

I did not have so much time for a lengthy excursion yesterday as I was expecting a visit from the guy that looks after my wheelchair and scooter. I noticed that my scooter had began to make a regular thumping noise, not too loud, but especially when it descended so I gave him a call and he said he would come along to have a look. He arrived with his oil can spray and spent at least half an hour examining wheels and other parts. I eventually left him to it. I was a little worried that something might be broken. However, no problem. He told me that it just needed a thorough lubrication with oil. It was probably due to the excessive heat we had been having. It now moves well and no longer creaks. I suspected that it might be the suspension, but he said the scooter was in perfect condition and there were no problems. This guy is almost becoming a family member, but he really knows what he is doing.


I noticed we are getting more visits from insects in striped pullovers, but this one was just a passing mini bee and not one of the wasps which are now making themselves quite noticeable. It is grape time. I moved my box of grapes onto the porch, and now it has a regular waspy visitor along with some little flies that seem to enjoy them.


The wasp just obliged me with a photo shot. Nothing like a juicy grape for breakfast.

I usually go to the store on Monday, and was not sure how to fit it in with the visit from the scooter mechanic. I then realised I did not have to go anywhere for shopping. I already had dinner and also a packet of smoked salmon with toast bread for the evening meal which I had bought as it was on special offer and would keep well for a few days. It was then I realised that I did not have to go anywhere. I even had a small loaf of bread in the freezer for breakfast and Tuesday lunch meat was in the freezer chest. Due to my new system with freezer and buying reserve supplies, I no longer have to do the usual routine run to the shops. Today I will be in town to stock up on a few things like fresh veg and meat, but meals are covered until Thursday.  I am now getting used to life without a car and have realised I really do not need it. Come winter it might be a little different, but even then there will be the days when I can organise shopping trips.

And now I will organise the rest of the morning. Being a golden oldie might have its disadvantages, but I do my best to remain independent and not have to rely on others. have a good day, make the most of it. Again I leave you with a shot from the surrounding countryside on yesterday’s excursion.




7 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good afternoon, we had a wind storm last night, but no damage. There are several fires in Idaho most cause by humans; nothing compare with California. You bee and wasps plans is working to get good pictures of them. We still have several days them. I am not handling the heat very well as my allergies are acting up. We became dependment on help when both couldn’t drive scooters are not a good plan as traffic is too heavy. Have a nice evening.

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