RDP Monday: Vanquish


I decided to go for a wheelie around my part of the village this afternoon. It is not a large village, population 923 at the last count, not including the cows. Cows come and go, but not to your dinner plate, we have milk cows.

And then I noticed this building enclosed in scaffolding, the windows void of curtains and where there were once families, there is now just an empty shell. I have lived in this village for a little more than 20 years and this building is just across the path. One lady moved out some years ago and bought an apartment on our estate. I met another lady that is new to our estate. She told me she has only taken the apartment for maximum two years  as her old apartment is now being renovated. I now realise that she is also a vanquished refugee from this building.

It seems nothing lives forever today and probably in the name of higher rents the building is being gutted and will arise again like a phoenix from the rubble, or something like that. The cows are looking on in sympathy. Their barns and fields still exist.

RDP Monday: Vanquish

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