Good Morning


I so love my mornings in Summer when I can sit outside on the patio and enjoy the surroundings.


Even the table is a welcoming site, not only for my breakfast and computer, but the orchids and amaryllis that are now blooming. The problem is that they are all flowering at once and space is getting scarce. There is still an orchid waiting on another table but the buds are not yet open. It has been a quiet week-end up to now, with yesterday’s holiday, but I do not really mind. I now have things more or less under control and the shopping is no longer such a stress.

Yesterday I went for a short journey via the town cemetery to the castle. I also pass by the entrance to the village cemetery I do not often enter as it is a little cramped for my scooter and not very comfortable driving over the ground.


This time the chickens had not invaded the town cemetery as the last time. I think they have now moved the mobile chicken run to another place as it was getting a little troublesome with their great escape. Mr. Swiss said it is probably not advisable to have chickens running around the graves, some people could get annoyed finding their departed with chickens resting on their resting places. It certainly would not bother me, although I will not have a resting place anywhere, although a few chickens moving in would not bother me.


I often wheel through the local farm where the chickens live with some horses and this morning I saw that they now also have a page in Facebook Natürlich Flury showing the chickens and family and the natural products that can be bought, of course many eggs. It is written in German but mentions amongst other items that the chickens live in a group from approximately 250 hens with 3-5 roosters. The chicken run is mobile and is regularly moved to enable a fresh supply of grass for the hens. I naturally gave the farm page a like and will now endeavour to visit when I need fresh eggs.


Otherwise it was a lazy Saturday and there was just one cow helping itself to some grass on the field. I think it was too hot for the others.

I was only on my way for an hour but just wanted to get out and enjoy the fresh air. The heat is slowly returning again. I noticed that the Corona cases in our area are on the increase, not that it is cause for panic, but a little disappointing. The schools are now open and two cases were found in our local gymnasium (high school), a teacher and a pupil, causing a complete class to have to go into isolation for a while.  Our Kanton was always in the minority of cases, but it is now increasing. More reason to be very careful when going places.


The local train passed me on my way home. On public transport you are obliged to wear a mask as well as now the schools.
And I will now move on to organise my day. May you have a good one and a quiet relaxed Sunday. Here is a view from our local castle to put you in the mood.

16 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I love the sound of the chickensPat. Just like on my grandparents’ farm. Allowed to run and scratch freely. I hate the thoughts of these modern methods with the poor chickens. I love cows too.m have a lovely day.

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    • The local chickens are quite free range, sometimes a little too free, but they are happy chicken. Battery hens are not allowed in Switzerland. And we have almost a million cows in Switzerland

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      • I will not eat eggs from unhappy chickens, so I get mine from local farmers of which several are quite near where I live. Years ago a worker showed me how chickens on chicken farms are kept, I cried and cried, and for many decades after refused buying eggs from stores.

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  2. Good morning …. nice photos … great day to you and your loved ones. We are having rain all day … a slow gentle rain … I put out all our houseplants last night onto the front walk so they will get a good soaking … best wishes for an enjoyable day … SLP …

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  3. Good Afternoon, Your first pictures gave an up look that the world is still sound somewhere. As the political news is so depressing as we started a week of triple digests heat. Stay safe and happy.

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