RDP Saturday: Tricolour


The Swiss flag is red with a white cross so nothing fancy  about that. They probably ran out of colour.The British flag is something completely different with its Red, white and blue, but being an ex pat I do not have any photos of the British flag, and it might annoy the Irish, the Welsh or the Scots if I bring it here.

However, at the moment we have visitors. The wasps have returned and to celebrate the event I decided to put my grapes outside so that they could join in on the feast. This one made herself quite at home and began to excavate the insides of a grape. I would mention that she was joined by a few colleagues, one wasp comes seldom alone, and Mr. Swiss is not very happy. I told him to let them get on with it. If we do not bother them, they will not bother us. Admittedly they are not tricolour, but the green of the grape corresponds nicely to their black and yellow striped pullovers.

Otherwise I would like to congratulate India to the anniversary. My first work in Switzerland was working for an Indian-Pakistani. His wife was Swiss, but I lived in the same building and was very much involved in their family life. I was the secretary in the office, but I also assisted in their Indian restaurant and after 2 years in Zürich I got very much used to the Indian-Pakistani way of life. Each country has its own characteristics, but that is part of the fun of life. I ate Indian-Pakistani food mainly for 2 years and even learned to cook their dishes.

RDP Saturday: Tricolour

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