RDP Friday: Martyr

Berner Platte

Mum wanted a martyr
She told me to eat my fat
It was the best part of the meat
She said,  I found it for the cat
She was sure I would suffer
because I did not eat my crust
The best part of the bread she said
I did not find a must
She said it would make my hair curl
It stayed as straight as a pole
I found that parents did not know everything
Although at dinner they were on patrol
Things change as the years go by
Now I really enjoy my bacon
I like the salty taste of the fat
It is no longer forsaken
Bread crusts are also good
They really have great taste
I now chew them carefully
And never make them waste
And now I am a martyr
I survived it all with pleasure
Eating forbidden food is good
and I can do it all with leisure

RDP Friday: Martyr

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