Good Morning


In the meanwhile the sun has appeared and the clouds are breaking up, so it looks like another sunny day, although perhaps a few degrees cooler. I hope so, this heat wave weather is getting quite uncomfortable.

Yesterday was an action packed day, although just for two golden oldies that are more accustomed to smooth runnings. With the help of a good helpful neighbour, we now each have an automatic garage door opener. It means that when we return from our scooter safaris we can open the door automatically by pressing the button from a distance. One was working, but we needed a second opener that we can move independently from each other and it had to be programmed. Although we like going together, there are sometimes doctor appointments or other places where we have to go independently.

I also had to sort my online banking on my iPhone. Because it is a new phone and I had not yet used it for my bank account I had to re-programme it. I called the help desk and a nice guy lead me through the jungle of entering the account using my computer. It was done quite well. Luckily I keep all the documents and there was one that really got me through the process quite quickly. I think I would be lost today without online banking where I can do everything comfortably from my own office chair. I often wonder how the golden oldies manage that have no computer experience or even a smart phone.


And what did I do yesterday. I was yet again on an adventure ride with my scooter to the store. Here you see the view of the underpath that I have to take to enable me to cross the busy roundabout. It is quite a steep hang, but my scooter manages everything with a few manipulations by me. I usually reduced the speed a little when going down, to increase it when ascending again.


There was not a lot of action in town and most people had made themselves comfortable on the street  cafés. The one on the left is one of my favourites. It belongs to the town book store and is not so crowded. Relaxing outside a book store is always good.

I had an interesting encounter in the store yesterday. There was a golden oldie guy moving around in the supermarket with a scooter, exactly the same as mine. Naturally I struck up a conversation and he said he has no problems in the supermarket with the scooter. However I noticed that him being a golden oldie guy, he only had a few items to buy. With my two bags full it would probably be more complicated entering with my scooter and I manage quite well by parking it in front of the store and afterwards using my walker which I can take with me by hanging it on the scooter. I left the store and the gentleman was also wheeling along so we both stopped for a further conversation from scooter to scooter comparing our experiences with the scooter. It is always good to have contact with other members of the scooter family.


As I leave town I always pass our town hall, at least that is where the mayor sits. It used to be the registry office many years ago, and it was where Mr. Swiss and I got married on 4th February 1969 so work that one out. The building still means something to me after so many years. It was also the day when the Swiss gave me the Swiss citizenship, although that was just an extra for me.


Her is my orchid exhibition. They have all decided to flower again this summer and making a wonderful show. I have never had such luck with my orchids and I hope this will become an annual event.

At home life goes on and I was glad that it cooled down a little towards the evening although the heat is now in the apartment.

Time to move on, although today there are no important events. I just might go for a wheelie with my wheelchair this afternoon somewhere. It is on full power, so what could possibly happen. Mr. Swiss said he might come to.

Have a good day, make the most of it and beware of you know who. That dreaded corona just does not want to leave us. We had yet another surge of 264 cases yesterday in Switzerland. Perhaps no so many as other countries, but it just does not seem to stop.

I leave you with a view of our ancient city wall protections from the years gone buy. They now just have an ornamental value and even they cannot stop Covid 19.


17 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Yeah they are very finnecky … I have been taking orchids to my mother in the nursing home .. I would swap them out .. take a fresh one and take the one from the last visit home with me, so we have several. They also did not do anything for a long time and then they started blooming, so I dunno. Now of course nothing and no one goes in or out of the nursing home .. she is going on 102 … and we go to the window and hold up posters saying “we love you” just like you see on TV … sad … terrible situation all around … SLP …

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  2. Good afternoon, the green-eyed monster got to me about your orchids. Mine are in the window has good light but no sunshine, all are growing with new leaves so there is hope. We are looking for another series of triple digits next week. I notice today there is an upbeat on social today after Biden announced his running mate, black woman. There is another confirmed case of in the building.

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    • My Orchids have been outside since May, but not in direct sun and they have done well. I have had to put them on on the table as they have no room with their flowers. Although we are not involved in American politics we are happy about Biden’s choice. She seems to be quite good. Our cases are also increase, not a lot, but enough.


  3. I think my orchids burned themselves out on their last five month flowering, so I’ll probably have to get new ones. But I got one incredible bloom on that one, so it doesn’t owe me anything. It’s resting now and it’s still green, so I’m assuming it will be another year before they flower again. They only bloom once a year but when they do, WOW. They made me very happy and I’m so glad you are having such great success with yours.

    My cactuses are still sleeping. I finally had to transplant them. They were living in really OLD soil and were totally root-bound, One of them has begun to perk up. The other one, not so much. I hate re-potting breakable plants like cactus and other succulents. They fare poorly and often fall apart in the process. I’ve got a jade tree that needs repotting as well as a HUGE aloe vera. Before summer is done, I’ll have to repot them or they will start to die.

    It’s cooler here today — it hasn’t hit 100 yet — but still no rain. Supposedly MAYBE by the end of the week. I sure hope so. The trees are beginning to die from lack of water.


    • I am having a fantastic show of orchids for the first time that they have all rebloomed together. My Christmas cactus is also doing well and has grown many new leaves. I am hoping for some flowers by $christmas and my amaryllis is opening its flower. Perhaps a little early, but I will see how it develops. Photos will definitely followl
      Otherwise it has cooled down a little here and I am expecting rain, but nothing has happened yet. We once had a summer without water and many trees lost their leaves. However, they recovered with no problem as if it was all an accident, and the next year they carried on as if nothing had happened, so you never know


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