Good Morning


One of those mottled skies this morning which usually arrive before the clouds disappear entirely for the day. It is still heat wave here. Mornings are OK, but during the day it heats up and it seems to me that the air is slowly sucked from the surroundings.

The first caller this morning was the postman, He only rang once but I had just stopped hugging the bed. He had the delivery, in cold boxes, of my medicine. Afterwards I got a call from the lady that deals with the deliveries to tell me they had a problem with the system and it would probably only arrive tomorrow. I told her that I had already received it, so everyone was happy.

I was off to the doctor in the afternoon, the first real journey in my scooter where I had to enter town and park. Since having the scooter I am now together with the cyclists in the parking spaces. In town there is always somewhere you can deposit your taveling convenience, but I do not like being crowded out surrounded by bikes and some of those bikers really do not consider the others.  Yesterday I found a nice space in front of the doc’s building, but had to reverse to leave it and I do not like travelling backwards, but it worked and no objects or people were damaged during the manoeuvre.


However, the surgery is in one of those narrow streets and at the moment some of the buildings are being remodelled. They used to be stores, but no longer. Stores are dying everywhere and only the grocery places seem to be surviving. This was a large clothing chain in Switzerland that no longer exists. The owner is now retired and has no descendants that are interested in taking over. I had to squeeze my way through the parked cars to get to the surgery.


I saw these two entertaining the passers by in town. It seemed to be a father and son and they were singing in Spanish. The boy had a wonderful voice, still unbroken, and the father was singing with him in harmony. The were both virtuosos at their guitars. Our town certainly lives in Summer.


Taliking of living things, we are a little besieged at the moment at home. It is wasp time, not bees or other harmless stripy flyers, but wasps. These two were clinging onto the outside top frame of the window surround, which did not really bother me.

However, Mr. Swiss had problems with his Pepsi Cola. I stick with mineral water in Summer, less sugar and more refreshing, but Mr. Swiss just likes his Cola and so do the wasps.


He was not so impressed as I found them a very good photographic subject and he insisted in emptying the cup after the wasp had visited. I found they were not a problem, so when he was doing something else I lifted the wasps out of the liquid on a spoon.


Another life saved, although it seemed to me they were not really having problems and quickly recovered on the spoon to fly away, only to return. Eventually I found a beer mat which was ideal to cover over the container with the cola and Mr. Swiss was happy again, not having to share his drink with a wasp.

However, wasps can be an annoyance, especially when eating lunch and buzz around everywhere. Up to now we only had bees, but wasps can get a little aggressive. Grapes are now having their season, and then there will be an invasion at home when I buy some.


Yet another one of last years orchids is bursting into flower. I can still hardly believe it that I now have five orchid plants with new buds. One of them, the white one, has still not finished with the first flowers when I bought it and now has three new stalks with buds.  Wonders never cease.

Today I have nothing planned except for a safari to the store in town. And now for the usual morning routine. Have a good one, we are already half way through the week. And here is a photo of my way home from town – taken by scooter of course.



11 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. You’ve been serenaded by quite a few musicians lately. Must be so nice to listen to. I found that wasps have built a nest through the front grill of my car. We have to get rid of them…..!

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  2. Good Morning!
    and another nice orchid.
    The wasps look rather typical for wasps. Have you heard about the ‘murder wasps’ that were found in Washington? It sound serious, but also rather silly. I would not want to encounter one.
    I am off to San Jose today. Weather should be pleasant for today, but will be about 90 degrees tomorrow. I think that is 32 degrees in Centigrade.

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    • It seems to be hot everywhere at the moment. Wasps are OK when they keep themselves to themselves, but they do have a strong sting. I have heard of the muder wasps, but we have none in Switzerland up to now. Have a good day in San Jose.

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  3. Good afternoon, love seeing your orchids and your buildings. The one problem for Seniors is difficult to go to places. The scooters and motorized wheelchair seem to be good answer for you. Have fun on your outing today.


  4. Have you gotten the Killer Wasps yet? They are (apparently) coming from somewhere down south — I don’t know if it’s just our south or South America. But these are HUGE and when they sting you, you heart stops. Just one more good reason to NOT go outside. Oh, and our poisonous disease-carrying mosquitoes are back too. We have been debating spraying the yard, but with so many birds here, we’re afraid we’ll kill a lot more than mosquitoes. It turns out that unbeknownst to us, our across the street neighbor (the one who grows barrels of the world best tomatoes and who sometimes graces us with some of them) is also a passionate bird watcher and has three or four stations in his backyard. No wonder we have so many birds! He is literally directly across the road from us (white house with extensions). We used to know them better when their son was still a kid and living at home, but he has gone to college and moved on. Still, we are always glad to say hello. These are the Good Neighbors. Their mailbox sits right next to ours on our side of the road because the mail-person only travels on one side of Route 98, so all the mailboxes are on the south side of the road.

    Anyway, downstairs they are installing a new boiler (Yay), but we still don’t have the final paperwork for the refinance (not so Yay), but should see it soon (nothing left to go wrong, everything is copacetic). The manager said not to worry, that as long as we get every signed before the 31st we are “home free” or more to the point, “home refinanced.” Being me, I’m holding my breath because until the money shows up in our account, I’m just NERVOUS. Still, it’s exciting to get the boiler. The old one was getting very weird and turning itself off every morning (it’s part of the heating system for our hot water, so it runs at a low level even in the summer).

    In the midst of quarantine, political panic, a complete loss of “things to do” or even restaurants from which to order food, life still trundles along. I want a pair of scooters for me and Garry. I think that aside from being useful, they would also be FUN. Do you and Marcel find your scooters fun? I just wish we lived a little closer to town!


    • We don’t have the killer wasps in Europe. Our mosquitos are bad enough, but nothing worse than they always are.My dad got maleria in his war years from the Italian swamps, and he said it was not pleasant, especially as you can get it again once it is in the blood stream.
      Good luck with the new boiler and hope it works to you expectations.
      We are loving our scooters. For me it is the ideal solution for shopping. I can park it outside the store and I have an attachment for my walker on it. Today I met a elderly guy in the store with the same scooter and he was wheeling around on it in the store. He said it works very well,but I manage very well with my walker when I am in the store.
      Mr. Swiss says they are fun, and I love rolling around on mine to town. It is the best thing we have ever done and definitely imporves our life style.


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