Good Morning


I took this photo an hour earlier than usual as I had to stop hugging the bed so long this morning. We had an appointment in town and had to be there by 9.00 a.m. It is also the reason why I am later to write anything. However, we were back home by 9.35 and I could deal with my cleaning and my usual morning work and here I am eventually. There are advantages rising earlier to be able to capture the clouds before they disappear for the day. I am also off this afternoon for my usual shopping trip.

Yet again is next Saturday a holiday when all the shops are closed. It is one of those catholic events, this time the so-called assumption day. Who is actually assumpting I am not so sure, but I think it is something to do with Mary as it is a Roman Catholic thing. It means that I will have to plan the week’s shopping a little ahead to prevent buying everything on Friday.


Yesterday afternoon I was off on a short trip in the neighbourhood. It was too hot to go further, so I went to the higher places. I took this photo looking across the Bernese countryside towards South. As it was so hot there was a mist everywhere and no good view of the Alps, just the hills in front in the distance.


I met our goat pair on the way. The female was munching on the grass.


And the male was relaxing in his pen in front of his water supply. Males are not as active as the ladies it seems. They just like to keep an eye on everything, including me.


I passed through the cemetery on the way, but not very much action. It was too hot for visitors. Even Mr. Swiss stayed at home so I was on my way on my own with my wheelchair.


I met this pigeon on my way who was busy pecking around on the ground. It seemed to be a much larger species as the ones I usually meet, probably a wood pigeon.


I also wheeled past the local castle and decided to take a full frontal view again. I have many photos of the castle, but it has been some time since I took a photo of the entrance. The gates were also open for visitors.

I eventually wheeled on home as I did not want to stay too long and it was really too hot.  The rest of the day was spent with uploading my photos and a relaxing evening with the TV. I also had to go down to the garage to organise my scooter battery I have now had the scooter two weeks an it  was time to reload, which is quite a good service from the battery. I notice I had done 27 kilometers with it and probably could have made more, but tomorrow I have to go to the doc and did not want to take any chances.

Now I should go, something to do with cooking lunch. Have a good beginning to the week..

16 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning … a great photo of the sky with the morning clouds. I did not realize the Feast of the Assumption was a holiday in Switzerland. That is very interesting. Mary the mother of Jesus was assumed body and soul into heaven without dying first … at least that is the theory. I think it is a holy day of obligation, meaning you have to go to church and to mass, but it was never a day for things being closed in our part of the world. Not that I recall. But it has been years since I was a church goer. However in the current days of dread, I have started praying again. Anyway … enough of that. Have a great day. SLP …

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      • I just remember … growing up in the interior of the USA … going to Catholic school .. the Feast of the Assumption was the only one where we were not in school, so we had to get up early and go on our own to church, since it is a Holy Day of Obligation, you had to go to Catholic Mass. These were in the days before the Vatican Council in the 1960’s …. where they schmoozed it … that you could go the night before and honor your obligattion. All other Holy Days of Obligation were when we were in school, and we had to go a half hour early each day to go to Mass anyway … , so we got the whole requirement over and done with as part of the normal protocols. Have a great day … and everyone let’s please pray for our planet and those who are afflicted with this terrible terrible germ. SLP …

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        • Growing up in a Church of England family we never got any ideas of the Catholic Church. Now I am living in a Catholic Kanton, so we get the benefits of the holidays without going to church.
          Cases are rising again in Switzerland and we can only be thankful when one day it will be over


  2. It is ghastly hot here. Close to 100 degrees again and the humidity is almost as high as the temperature. Trying to breathe outside is like breathing hot soup. It’s awful. I got out there and filled the feeders and water all the HUGE plants my son is growing on the deck. It looks like a jungle out there, but at least now there’s a hose and nozzle which makes the process a lot easier.

    I actually got up and baked again this morning. There were three bananas left and I figured if I didn’t use them now, we’d be down to NO bananas by nightfall. It’s hard to do much cooking in this heat. Even with air conditioning, the house is pretty warm. I keep our A/C low or our electric bill will be higher than our car payment.

    This has been such a hard year for both of us. Is there something unlucky about 73?

    Yesterday I finally recognized a bird I’m embarrassed to not have previously recognized, but this is the first year they’ve shown up at our feeder. The House Sparrow — who is really a European Sparrow having been imported to the U.S. in 1840 — decided to come and share our seeds.

    And even the half hour or so I spent out there, it was hard to breathe. What a year, eh?

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    • It’s a hot one here as well. I have a real scooter sun tan and am glad to arrive at the store where at least they have AC. We don’t have AC at home, only a few places do, so we keep the blinds closed and windows where we can. The only positive thing is that I have four orchids in full bloom, it h as never happened before.
      I cook once a day for lunch, otherwise it’s cold cuts in the evening. I rarely bake as no one really has appetite for cakes.
      Marcel is 80 but manages OK. I just notice that my mobility for walking decreases slowly, but I can now at least take my walker with me on the scooter attachment. Today I have my annual visit to the neurologist for permission to funding my medicine which is routine.
      We are overwhelmed with house sparrows in Winter, it is the main bird in England, but we see less of them in Summer.


  3. Good Day.
    I have gotten behind again.
    In the picture of the cemetery, the tree to the upper right looks just like an incense cedar! I doubt that it actually is, since it would be an odd species to import to Switzerland. It is native to the Sierra Nevada, Siskiyou an Cascade Mountains to the East and North, but is rare in landscapes here. However, it was the first tree I planted when I was a little tyke.

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