Good Morning


It is all blue again in the sky, not a cloud to be seen, but look who is still hanging around. Yes the moon is still lingering, although thinking of going now. I took a quick zoom snap with my iPhone and the result was not so bad.


I just took another look from my seat on the porch and it is still here: changed its position a little going north. When it is no longer in the range of the sun rays it will disappear from our sight, but will still be somewhere.

Saturday again, how fast the days go. Yesterday I was off to the store again. I had quite a bit of week-end shopping, but it went well with my scooter. I must say it really has perseverance with the battery. I have had it now two weeks and use it at least 3-4 times a week travelling mainly to and from town. It has 7 stripes to show how much battery you have and only one has now disappeared. I am hoping to get to the doc next week with it in town as I have my annual appointment to get the permission for my very expensive exclusive medicine to inject for my MS. I suppose I have got used to injecting over the past four years every second day. It is no cure, just stops the problems from progressing so fast.


I seem to now have quite a collection of street musician photos from our town. There is always one or two somewhere playing their instrument. I pass this one often when wheeling through one of the passages on my way to the big store. We seem to have got to know each other and he always greets with a nod. Yesterday we had a quick conversation  because he said hello. I thought he might be a Brit, but it seems he is a Czech. He plays quite a good guitar and sings to it.


Our oboe player was also in town. He is quite well equipped and has a recorder with the background music. They all seem to be music students making some extra money in their holidays.


And what a wonderful show I am getting from my orchid. It is the first time that it has flowered again. I have had it for at least a year. Putting it outside in Summer, in a shady place, seems to have been the right thing to do.


And now a second one has begun to open the first of its many flowers. I only really see the actual colour when it opens. This one also has many buds and I am looking forward to seeing them all open. I also have another two that are well on their way, so it looks like it is becoming an orchid summer outside.

Sometimes life is so wonderful and the little things give the most pleasure. Today it looks like another excursion to the store as I forgot to get bread yesterday for today’s chilli con carne this evening. Most people eat it with rice, but we prefer it with fresh bread. I will probably go with my scooter and might even take Mr. Swiss with me (also with his scooter) if he is willing.

Have a great week-end, may it be a good one. Now to begin the daily routine, no problem. Without it I would probably be bored.


16 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Oooh the picture of the bassoonist brings back a lot of memories … I played oboe in the high school orchestra … and sat between the bassoonist and the floutist …. lotta memories there …. have a great day … looks like your weekend is off to a great start … SLP …

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    • Couldn’t be better. I have a new one in my wheelchair and the scooter is new. Have now done almost 30 kilometres with it so with have to recharge overnight.


  2. Good afternoon, Your orchids are lovely. Mine are setting in one of our windows all have growth but no flower stems yet. Our temperature last night drop to the 50F/10C, a welcome release. I seldom see the moon as it arrives in the early around midnight and I am usually a sleep. Have on your trip to town.

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    • I have perfect orchids this year. It has never happened before that they would flower again. We are in a heat wave, but it does not bother me so much. the only thing that disturbs our moon is cloud cover.

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