9 thoughts on “FOTD 7th August 2020: Chrysanthemum

  1. I just read you are a cockney, I too was born in East London in Stratford. My mum and dad were born in Hackney and Bethnal Green. My dad sounds like Michael Caine. Iโ€™m in Perth WA now so a very long way from home. Sounds like you have a fabulous life apart from battery issues!

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    • It is really a small world. My dad was from Stratford, Btidge Road, but it no longer exists as it did when he lived there. Stratford has changed a lot and modernized due to the Olympic Games being held near. I grew up in Bethnal Green and left when I was 20 years old for Switzerland. I wanted to see the world and had a job there. That was as far as I got, met my husband and two children later I am still here after 53 years. I would visit my dad once a year in London until he passed away at the age of 100 in 2016, I suppose I am now more Swiss than a Brit speaking Swiss German mainly. I no longer travel as having MS makes it a little complicated, but I maintain my independence with my electric wheelchair and scooter. I have two grandchildren. I see you travel a lot. We often spent our holidays seeing Europe when we were more active. It was wondeful to meet you, so see you around.

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      • Thanks for replying ..you were very intrepid at such a young age then. My mum and dad are in their 80s now and we found the house he used to live in, it was in Diss Street.

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        • As I was born in 1946, it was just after the war and the East Londin hospitals were full, especially the maternity wards. My mum had to go to Hitchin to have me, so I was robbed of my chance to be a true cockney not being born within the sound of Bow bells. I think all my London family sounded like Michael Caine, although he was actually from the other side of the Thames. I had two uncles that were dockers.


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