Good Morning


Looks like it will be a good one today, although a bit of a nip in the air early morning. I can already hear the noise of someone using the hedge cutter. Mine also looks like it could use a short back and sides, but it will have to wait a little until the end of August when approaching its time to stop growing. I have to get the gardener to do it as Mr. Swiss and I can no longer.


At the moment I have a problem with my garden cupboard. After the rain deluge, water somehow got into the cupboard. I saw my next door neighbour whose garden cupboard backs onto mine and he said it is a problem for some time. I only just noticed it as my cupboard is not so much flooded as his. He has reported it but nothing has been done. I now had to clear my cupboard and park the various contents on the porch to let it dry out. The floor is now half way dry, but there is a corner where the rain came in which will take time. There is not a lot more I can do, but is it annoying to have various objects taking up room on my porch. During the day I keep the cupboard open, but at night I have to close it to make sure that the mice do not move in, or even the hedgehogs. It is not the first time we have had water damage, but this time it is only the outside cupboard. We once had a complete flood, as did everyone else, in the cellar rooms, but that was afterwards fixed.

Yesterday was a shopping day so I wheeled my way with the scooter into town.


As I enter town I pass by our old fortifications, although the moat has long been a lawn. The Jura mountains in the background make a good surrounding.

At last a visit to the store when it was not raining and I could get my shopping done with no problem. It is really amazing the contact you have with people when driving a scooter. As I parked at the supermarket an elderly couple admired it and found how good it is today that we can have such help for mobility. They said that 20 years ago it would not have been possible and that is true. You saw the elderly and less capable always walking with a stick.This has long been replaced by the so-called walker and you rarely see people with a cane. Mr. Swiss still uses his when not scootering around. I also have mine, but prefer the walker and I can now hang it onto my scooter. so I am mobile at all times. Hanging it on the scooter is not so easy, but now I have the trick. I must remove my bag attachment which I can put in the basket at the front of the scooter. I can then fold it flat making it easier to attach to the scooter.

Today is again day of the fresh bed linen. I have already completed covering the duvets and cushions and now to hoover beneath the bed frame and dust it all down. It is a routine, I now have the trick how to do it, but it still takes time, although having the right instruments to do it helps.

And now to move on and finished the bed operations. I also have a dinner to cook. Thursday is spaghetti tradition lunch.


As I scooter on home this is the view I have. I take the path at the side of the railway and have a view of the local mountains in the background.

I hope your day will be a good one. I will see you later, and hope to go for a wheelie this afternoon somewhere with my camera.

4 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Wow …. beautiful blue sky … and your garden cupboard is so well organized … my wife would go insane if she saw that …. have a great day … we have a rainy day here … very unsettled weather … SLP …

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    • It’s only well organised because. I had to empty to let it dry out,. The floor was thoroughly soaked. Have a. Sunny day today, so a trip with Mr.Swiss on wheels


  2. I saw your town in an advertisement for vacationing in Switzerland. It was funny. I saw it and I said “I KNOW that place!” It was exciting. It’s the great thing about the Internet. We may never meet, but I know your town like you know my valley. Isn’t that cool?

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