Good Morning


Keeping fingers cross and hoping that today will be a better day than yesterday weatherwise. It really only rained once yesterday, but began in the late morning and continued until this morning. I had to go shopping but knew that with either the scooter or electric wheelchair I would be soaked through so I did a first one with the local train. I discovered it is ideal. The train has a half hour schedule and so no problem. It is only three  stations. I get on at the first, and get off at the third – just a few minutes, however ……. yes although the transport was perfect, I was just not so prepared as I should have been. I arrived at the station, got my ticket out of the machine and a train arrived from the other direction. It was then that I realised everyone on the train had a mask. Me, of course I have masks, 20 pieces all brand new in a packet at home, but I forgot to wear one as they were at home.

As it is now law I knew I would have to go home at get mine. For a normal person just a few minutes, but for me,  double the time, so I missed my train. When I returned to the stop I had another 10 minutes to wait.


But I had my mask and so there was no problem athough I looked like something from a horror film.  Travelling was ok. I had my walker with me and did not bother to sit in the train, although there were enough seats available. I did the walk to the store from the station, just a few minutes, and did the shopping. I was soon back at the station to catch the train home.


At least I could take a few photos whilst waiting for the train. This top floor apartment was opposite the station. It belongs to a house. I have often seen it from a distance, but now had time to examine it sitting opposite.


Otherwise all I got was views of the railway and part of the station when I was waiting for the train to arrive.


I noticed the flags were still hanging from our 1st August National day celebrations. This one shows the flag emblem of our village Feldbrunnen with a stylised castle and our fountain (Brunnen means fountain), although the brunnen has now been reduced to a stone water trough on the village square (and you have to search to find the square).

This morning I am a little pressed for time. My cleaning lady is here and in between I was cooking lunch. This afternoon I am really hoping that the sun will arrive. According to the weather forecast it should be a sunny afternoon and perhaps now and again rain but according to the weather report, the rain has now shifted to the East of Switzerland. We are in the middle at the top. I have no particular things to do today, so might just go for a wheelie somewhere to have a change of scenery. I also want to organise a card for journeys on the train so that I do not have to buy a ticket every time I used the train. They are also a few cents cheaper.

Hope you are all keeping well and the weather is with you. I have had enough of rain for the time being and railway views.


13 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I have exactly the same fear. I have not worn one in anger yet – the one time I have ventured out since it was mandated, I did not go in any shops. I am trying to discipline myself to keep the whole lot in my coat pocket.

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      • We started off on buses, although I heard several stories of abuse – masks around necks or on the top of heads – and, when push came to shove, the bus companies could not enforce anything. It was talked about for a while, government ministers saying “use your judgment”, but they became mandatory in shops here a few weeks ago. From what little I have seen, people seem to be sticking to it. We haven’t had any “civil liberty” protestors here, as far as I know.

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        • The masks are for your own good. If people wear them you are not catching their germs and if you wear one yourself you are not spreading yours. Our area in Switzerland has a minimum of cases, but at the moment it is going up and down

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  2. Good afternoon, another experience with life without a car. Masks are supposedly mandatory but it is not many do not wear them. The new here is so depressing that it is causing trouble a depressing for me. Some of the news schooling opening, missing Idaho children, Trump’s actions. He losing in most polls. It is cooler than last week but in the ’90s and no rain and several fires are around. Have a fun day with no rain.

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    • Now I have done almost everything without a car. There is only left the test on snow in Winter. Last year we had no snow, but you never know. I never wear a mask otherwise, only when required by law. I have absolutely no problem wearing a mask, but my glasses tend to get steamed up and I cannot see very well. Yesterday was a rainy day, and today cooler and a little dull, but no more rain, although there are still some dark clouds around. Otherwise we have sunny days to come and hot.

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  3. I keep one in my bag and I have paper spares at home. Garry also wears gloves. He has a thing about hands. Massachusetts is pretty save right now, but that could end any time. I think trying to open all the schools would probably do it. As it is, there is no school this year which is going to be a big problem for kids who aren’t really learning. There are a lot of parents who just don’t know how to teach and not every child is computer friendly. AND not every household has a computer.

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    • I don’t mind wearing a mask, but we are smallish community and rarely amongst crowds. It might be that morning there are more people, but I am an afternoon person. The kids are back at School here some time ago and my grand son goes to his kiddies group for some time. I am otherwise not sure how it is with university.


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