Good Morning


It is a misty morning today, after all the rain we had yesterday. I turned towards the Jura mountains in the background and saw that there were still clouds hanging around and there is a damp feeling in the air. Yesterday was not such a good Sunday and going anywhere and getting soaked was not my idea of fun, so I stayed at home.

I at last made my large online order with my store. It is a bit of everything and not only their products. You can even order cigarettes and alcohol although the store does not sell them. Of course it makes life a lot easier when you do not have to go to the store and just do it all by computer, but it really needs quite a bit of concentration. For daily veg and meat I go myself shopping, but for those requirements that you always need, ordering makes it so much easier. I spent more than an hour of my time organising everything as I like to place my order for a months supply of basic non perishables: a few crates of Pepsi and mineral water, a few bottles of cooking oil, some pasta. and of course the toilet rolls which seem to have become one of life’s most important articles since the pandemic. I might do another order in a couple of weeks, but it will not be so much.

I now belong to a scheme the supermarket has where I get a few perks, one being that I no longer have to pay for the transport of the goods. Anyhow delivery will be on Tuesday afternoon from 4.30 onwards until evening at 9.00. They cannot say the exact time, but we will be at home in any case. I notice that a few neighbours of mine also order the bulky stuff online, perhaps not from the same place.

Today I am hoping that it will not rain so much so that I can go shopping in the afternoon, combined with a visit to town, or perhaps just along the road to the next store.


My orchids are developing nicely outside. One is now opening new flowers daily and another is full of buds. I also have another two with buds. I cannot remember exactly how the flowers were when I bought them a little over a year ago, so will let myself be surprised.


My amaryllis from last Christmas is also developing a new flower and growing a few centimetres daily. Although it is a little early for amaryllis, I let is  do its own thing. I also have a second amaryllis, but that is still only with a few leaves. Never throw away a plant, you never know if and when they will return again.


I am not really sure what these two tall plants are. they began to grow in my garden, so I thought I would let them do their own thing. If they become invasive or an obstruction I can always remove them. At the moment I am inquisitive to see what sort of flowers they will have.

When we have the hot weather it can get a little too much, but when it starts to rain with cloudy skies it is also not very good.  Anyhow I found a photo from Saturday showing how the bright rainless days can be over our estate.


May the sun shine on you today wherever you are, otherwise just hope that it will appear again with all its positive effects. Have a good day, stay safe and don’t forget that coronus is still hovering around.

11 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning … beautiful photos of the orchids and other plants. We are welcoming tropical storm later today. It will be a wet one tonight into tomorrow. Hope your day is great!!! SLP ….

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  2. Good afternoon, My orchid show new growth but no sign of flowers yet. The amaryllis is not showing a new bud yet. The green leaves are about 4 inches tall. Enjoy your your trip today. It is a little cooler today. Stay safe!

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    • It is actually too early for my amaryllis and it should be flowering at Christmas. My orchids are flowering everywhere at the moment. It was a rainy day today, so much so that I did my shopping by taking the local train. It is only two stops along the road and I do not need a lot more time.

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