FOWC with Fandango: Rain


It rained from above
And it rained from below
Everything was wet
It was a day of woe
It even came from the side
All sides not just one
My feet are getting webbed
It really is not fun
I am sure I am shrinking
Water runs down my back
The world is full of puddles
I must wear a waterproof mac
I suddenly saw a duck
He was floating along the road
A fish came swimming past
Followed by a toad
There’s a guy collecting animals
two of each, and all in pairs
He is putting them in a boat
What a state of affairs

FOWC with Fandango: Rain

11 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Rain

  1. Great take! I yesterday visited first my mum for lunch and in the afternoon met up with a 81yr old friend for a boat cruise of 4+hours. It started to rain when we met and it got only worse from then. When I returned home (luckily, HH was able to fetch me at the train station or else I would have webbed feet too – having worn only espadrilles!!!), it reminded me of the bible story of Noah’s Ark. Very impressive indeed…. I’m hardly dry NOW!

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    • I just wrote a report of my experiences on my blog. It was really not pleasant, especially when you have to rely on the train in such weather, but I just need a bit of training. I believe the rain has now moved to East Switzerland, so have fun.

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